Vegan Wednesday #124


Well, Hello there! And a happy new year to you!

I just wanted share this week’s vegan wednesday with you. So, let’s see..

Lately I like to start my day off with a nice big smoothie bowl. This week I especially liked Sarah B.’s detox smoothie which is very green and creamy, due to the avocado in it. We got back from a family visit in southern Spain just a week ago (more about that in my next post) and of course we “smuggled” a bag of avocados (that came from an acquaintance’s tree) in our luggage 😉

You can find the smoothie recipe here. I also added a banana and some spirulina to my smoothie bowl, aswell as some soaked brazil nuts.

I also had a bowl of ‘besjes-gort‘ that I found in the freezer.


And since I had the day off, I also enjoyed a bowl of coffee with soymilk-foam and some coconut blossom sugar, while scrolling through some cookbooks and instagram.


Since I wasn’t feeling very well ( I caught a cold and a stiff neck on the plane), I stayed home all day and worked on some school-stuff.
For lunch I made a hopefully health-boosting juice, consisting of carrots, beets, ginger, turmeric, apple and orange.


My man had baked his first sourdough-rye bread (thanks to my mum, who gave him a sourdough-starter and all kinds of bread ingredients for christmas). So I had two slices of this gorgeous bread. One with homemade nut butter, cacao nibs, raisins, banana and cinnamon and the other with mashed avocado, salt&pepper, homemade purple kraut and black sesame seeds.


The afternoon I spent writing an essay, reading ken follett’s newest trilogie on European history and snacking on some apple slices and medjool dates stuffed with cashew butter before napping for the rest of the afternoon.


For dinner we had a vegan version of Ribollita soup, sprinkled with nutritional yeast instead of parmiggiano and watched last sunday’s “Tatort” (a German detective-story, that’s being shown almost every Sunday evening on German public television).


I hope you had a nice and delicious vegan wednesday, too!
This week Petzi (From Veggie to Vegan) collects our VW-pictures for the pinterest board. Thanks Dear!

Happy Sunday, y’all! 🙂


Vegan Wednesday #119 – It’s been a while…

winterlicher vegan wednesday

Hi Peeps,

I didn’t post anything for a loooong time, because I didn’t feel like posting anything. In the beginning of Vegan MoFo in September (gosh! How time flies by!) I was super determined to post a lot of delicious food and other veganism related stuff. But when school started again mid-september my already pretty busy life got even busier and cooking and blogging were not the most important things in my life. I also lost my appetite sort of. And thereby the wish and will to create some nice food. I guess it was partly because I was alone at home most of the time and I’m usually more enthusiastic about cooking/food preparation when I can share the food with other people. I was also pretty stressed out and incredibly tired. I don’t think it happened to me before, that I lost my appetite. Up to now my experience has mostly been that I tend to stuff myself with (junk) food whenever I feel sad, lonely, stressed, tired or whatever 😉 I actually found it a bit scary to not want to eat. Luckily I still liked to eat fruits and I had huge miso-noodle-soup cravings 😀 So the past two months my diet very often consisted of coffee, smoothies, juices and miso soup. Thus, not so blog-worthy. Anyway. This week I had the wednesday I off and I took the opportunity to document my current eating habits as a vegan for vegan wednesday. By the way, this week Regina of the lovely blog muc.veg collects the vegan wednesday pictures for the vegan wednesday-pinterest board. (Thank you Madame!)

I started my wednesday off by putting a teaspoon full of coconut oil in my mouth. Yeah, I know that sounds weird. Unless you’ve heard about oil pulling before. If not, check out this vid by Yamina. Next stop (after rinsing my nose with salt water *yeah!*) (still in my pajamas) was the couch with a big cup of warm water with the usual lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, black pepper and maple syrup.


Next followed one of my favorite smoothie-combos (I’m sure I mentioned this one before, but anyway)…


… kale, pear, banana, avocado, a little lemon juice, ginger and lucuma powder. And water, to get that smooth texture. *haha* 😉

I got some old leftover bread from school and since I had a little time on my hands I made vegan french toast! (also known as “Arme Ritter” or “Wentelteefjes”)


Topped with cinnamon, maple syrup and banana coins. With black coffee and yellow kiwi on the side.

I used the recipe for “Fronch Toast” from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s “Vegan with a Vengeance”.

I poured the leftover french toast batter (which mostly consists of chickpea flour and plant milk) into the pan and turned it into some kind of pancake scramble or “Kaiserschmarrn”, that I topped with more banana, maple syrup and some passion fruit and enjoyed alongside another cup of coffee with homemade vanilla-almond milk.



After this extensive breakfast I didn’t feel that hungry for a while, but before I finally got out of my pj’s and took off to bike to that evenings yoga class across town I enjoyed a huge bowl of yet another smoothie:


This one has 2 bananas, 1 frozen banana, 1 very ripe persimmon, 1 orange, freshly grated ginger, lucuma, maca, cinnamon and a splash of lemon juice in it.

The yoga class was really great. I’m pretty enthusiastic about Iyengar yoga lately. I hadn’t taken a class in a while and I immediately noticed how much better my whole body felt, after class.
After another pretty cold bikeride home I made myself some…


yup! again a bowl of miso soup with rice-udon noodles, tofu, wakame and veggies! I just love that stuff! And it’s so easy and quick to prepare! But no worries, I’m no longer eating this soup 😉 (Oh, and notice those sustainable bamboo chopsticks that Lilith gave me for my birthday!!!)

So, this was about it. My vegan wednesday. Check out the pinterest board and the other participating blogs! It’s always such an inspiration to see what other vegans eat. Or maybe I’m just waaaaaay to curious about other people’s lives… 😉

bye, bye!


Vegan MoFo#7 – Schwarzwälder Plum Torte


Hi Folks,

A happy sunday to you!

Can you believe that this year’s Vegan MoFo is already a week old?! I am also a little proud that we managed to post a little something everyday so far. I wouldn’t have imagined that at the beginning of this month… 😉
Since it’s sunday today and us Germans love us some cake (or torte) with our afternoon coffee (=Kaffee und Kuchen) I wanted to share a very special traditional German Torte with a little personal twist with you guys…

For weeks I’ve been dreaming about a vegan version of the traditional Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, looking somewhat like this or this.

Since cherries are no longer in season, I started dreaming about a cake filled with slightly sour, juicy roasted plums. I also decided that the cake layers would have to be incredibly chocolatey and the cream should be thick, spiced with vanilla and cardamom.


So I started experimenting: I roasted some plums in the oven, that I brought home from the farm, and loved their flavour immediately. I tried to achieve a thick vegan cream, by mixing store-bought vegan whipping cream with creamed coconut and a little vanilla custard powder, leaving it in the fridge overnight, to chill and thicken up. I baked a chocolate cake, using the basic chocolate cupcake recipe in Vegan Cupcakes take over the World (which never fails), but added some extra melted chocolate to it, for that extra deep chocolate flavor.



This morning, I first had a fresh and healthy breakfast, before starting the chocolate-cream indulgence.


raw buckwheat porridge with some of the last red currants and raspberries and reine de victoria plums, pineapple-banana-kale smoothie on the side

When I opend the springform pan to transfer the chocolate cake to a plate, I already noticed that it was a bit more delicate and crumbly than usual. But I at this point I was not ready to abandone this project yet. So I persisted. I halved the cake and somehow managed to transfer a part of it to my plate, as the bottom of the torte. I spooned the roasted plums and their juice over the bottom and sprinkled them with a little ground cinnamon. Then I covered them with the perfect cream.

But oh the horror, when I tried to transfer the last piece of cake on top of the other layers! The cake broke apart! crumbles fell everywhere. And the worst, the top-layer started sliding to the sides with pieces of broken cake and crumbles! Somehow, I still couldnot  stop at this point. So I spooned some more cream on top, arranged plums in the middle and drizzled the last plum juice over it. Then I took a step back and looked at what I’d done…



So yeah, people, I’m sorry, but there’s no beautiful, innovative cake recipe for you tonight 😦 Sometimes, even vegan desserts don’t turn out the way the maker intended 😉
Buuuuuut, even though this Torte doesn’t look very appealing, it still tastes pretty good! 🙂 Apparently I did at least a few things right 😉


The leftovers I put into a container and stored in the fridge, hoping that they’ll last until the next visitors come over, because I’ve definetely had enough cake and cream for the next weeks… 😉


So long!



January Citrus Love



(for the English version please scroll down a bit…)

Ich dachte ich nutze meinen freien Tag außer zum Aufräumen, Wäschewaschen und Apfelmus einkochen auch dazu euch meine derzeit liebsten Verwendungsformen für Zitrusfrüchte (schreibt man das im Deutschen mit Z? ich bin schon so furchtbar anglisiert, ich weiß es nicht mehr!). Auch wachsen Orangen, Kumquats und Co. zwar nicht in unseren Breiten, so haben sie dennoch derzeit Saison und sind auch in Bio zu erschwinglischen Preisen käuflich zu erwerben. Ich rede mir meinen Zitrusfruchtkonsum außerdem damit schön, dass man in diesen grauen, ungemütlichen Wintermonaten ab und zu, neben den einheimischen Äpfeln und Birnen, auch etwas exotisches, wie beispielsweise wunderschöne Blutorangen aus Italien oder Navelinas aus Spanien, kaufen darf. Ich möchte damit auf keinen Fall sagen, dass Äpfel und Birnen nicht ebenso toll wären! Ganz im Gegenteil! Nicht umsonst habe ich, wie bereits erwähnt, vor aus meinen Lageräpfeln Apfelmus zu machen und ich freue mich schon riesig darauf mir in den nächsten Monaten immer mal wieder ein bisschen davon in meinen Frühstücksbrei zu mischen 🙂 

Hello there!

I thought I’d use my day off from work – despite from cleaning up, doing laundry and making apple sauce – to share my currently favorite uses for citrus fruit 😉 Even though oranges, kumquats and their brothers and sisters do not grow in this country (the Netherlands) they are in season at the moment and even in organic quality available for a reasonable price. So I justify my current citrus consumption by telling myself that during these grey and dark wintermonths one needs from time to time something exotic, such as a beautiful bloodorange from Italy or a Navelina from Spain. Not that there’s anything wrong with our Dutch apples and pears! Quite the opposite! Nonetheless am I going to use some of my late-season (bewaarappels) that I stored in a box on our balcony, to make some applesauce today! And I’m already looking forward to enjoying it with my breakfasts the coming wintermonths 🙂

Nun aber zu den Zitrusfrüchten: Eleonore von Earthsprout hat letzte Woche ein großartiges Rezept für ihre Eigenkreation den “Sumi” gepostet. Ich bin ja sowohl großer Smoothie als auch Saft-Fan, aber meistens scheue ich, aufgrund des Abwaschaufwands, vor dem Saftmachen zurück (ja, super faul, ich weiß ^^), geschweige denn kombiniere ich (seltenst) frisch gepresstem Saft mit anderen Zutaten zu einem Smoothie. Daher habe ich mich zunächst von ihrem Sumi zu diesem Smoothie inspirieren lassen:

But now we’re talking citrusfruits: Last week Elenore of Earthsprout posted a genious recipe for her own creation of a crossing between a juice and a smoothie: a “Sumi“. Even though I love juices as much as Smoothies, I make much more smoothies than juices, because I try to avoid the whole juicer-cleanup. Pretty lazy, I know^^. For the latter reason I also rarely combine freshly pressed juice with other ingredients to a smoothie. So instead of making the Sumi I made a Sumi inspired Smoothie instead…


Dafür habe ich 3 Blutorangen (mit einer gewöhnlichen Zitruspresse) ausgepresst, jeweils ein Stückchen frischen Ingwer und Kurkuma fein gerieben und alles mit zwei Bananen, ner handvoll eingeweichten Mandeln, sowie etwas Vanille, Kardamom und Zimt, im Standmixer zu einem Smoothie verarbeitet. Oben drauf kamen noch ein paar getrocknete Maulbeeren. Ging superschnell und war ein leckerer Snack und Wachmacher nach der Arbeit.

For the Sumi-Smoothie I juiced 3 bloodoranges manually and combined their juice with some grated fresh ginger and curcuma, two bananas, a handful soaked almonds and some spices (vanilla, cardamome, cinnamon) in my blender and enjoyed it topped with some dried mulberries. This version was really easily and quickly to make and turned out to be a great energizer after a morning of work.

Am Samstag habe ich dann aber (ebenfalls als ich, mit ner Tasche voll wunderschöner Zitrusfrüchte, von der Arbeit nach Hause kam, auch Elenores Sumi ausprobiert. Das Rezept dazu findet ihr auf ihrer wunderschönen Website.

Saturday I returned from work with another bag full of beautiful citrusfruits and finally tried Eleonore’s Sumi. The recipe can be found on her lovely website.





Der Sumi hat nicht nur mir, sondern auch dem Herrn K. ganz vorzüglich gemundet 😉 (#sneakingmorefruitsintomyboyfriendsdiet)

My Mr. K and me both loved the Sumi 🙂

Eine andere sehr leckere Möglichkeit noch mehr Zitrusfrüchte zu verwenden ist sie in meinen Lieblingsbuchweizenbrei zu integrieren. Inspiriert dazu wurde ich durch diesen Blogpost von The Wooden Spoon.

Another delicious way to use more citrus is to put them into my favorite buckwheat porridge. I got the inspiration for this recipe over at The Wooden Spoon.



Für meinen Brei habe ich abends vor dem Schlafengehen eine Tasse Buchweizensamen sowie eine handvoll Mandeln eingeweicht. Die habe ich morgens beide gründlich abgespühlt und die Mandeln außerdem enthäutet (ja brutal, ich weiß 😉 ). Dann habe ich drei Mandarinen mit ner normalen Zitruspresse (also manuell) entsaftet und die Buchweizensamen, Mandeln, sowie etwas Vanille, Zimt, Kardamom, Macapulver, Hanfsamen, Leinsamen und ne Banane damit zu einem sämigen Brei püriert.

For this porridge I soaked a cup of buckwheat and a handful almonds overnight. The next morning I rinsed them in clean water. I also slipped off the skin of the almonds. Then I juiced three tangerines and combined their juice with  buckwheat, almonds, hemp seeds (about 1-2 tablespoons), a tablespoon flax seeds, maca powder and some spices (the usual vanilla, cardamome & cinnamon-combination). I used an immersion blender to turn them into a smooth cream.



Und so gabs das dann zum Frühstück. Lecker mit Nüssen und Kernen und etwas Nordic Superfoodmix. Die Reste habe ich im Kühlschrank für die kommenden Tage aufbewahrt.

I enjoyed the porridge for breakfast. topped with nuts and seeds and some Nordic Superfoodmix. The leftovers I stored in the fridge for the next days.


Ich wünsche euch einen guten Start in die neue Woche!

I wish you a good start into the new week!