Vegan Wednesday #119 – It’s been a while…

winterlicher vegan wednesday

Hi Peeps,

I didn’t post anything for a loooong time, because I didn’t feel like posting anything. In the beginning of Vegan MoFo in September (gosh! How time flies by!) I was super determined to post a lot of delicious food and other veganism related stuff. But when school started again mid-september my already pretty busy life got even busier and cooking and blogging were not the most important things in my life. I also lost my appetite sort of. And thereby the wish and will to create some nice food. I guess it was partly because I was alone at home most of the time and I’m usually more enthusiastic about cooking/food preparation when I can share the food with other people. I was also pretty stressed out and incredibly tired. I don’t think it happened to me before, that I lost my appetite. Up to now my experience has mostly been that I tend to stuff myself with (junk) food whenever I feel sad, lonely, stressed, tired or whatever 😉 I actually found it a bit scary to not want to eat. Luckily I still liked to eat fruits and I had huge miso-noodle-soup cravings 😀 So the past two months my diet very often consisted of coffee, smoothies, juices and miso soup. Thus, not so blog-worthy. Anyway. This week I had the wednesday I off and I took the opportunity to document my current eating habits as a vegan for vegan wednesday. By the way, this week Regina of the lovely blog muc.veg collects the vegan wednesday pictures for the vegan wednesday-pinterest board. (Thank you Madame!)

I started my wednesday off by putting a teaspoon full of coconut oil in my mouth. Yeah, I know that sounds weird. Unless you’ve heard about oil pulling before. If not, check out this vid by Yamina. Next stop (after rinsing my nose with salt water *yeah!*) (still in my pajamas) was the couch with a big cup of warm water with the usual lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, black pepper and maple syrup.


Next followed one of my favorite smoothie-combos (I’m sure I mentioned this one before, but anyway)…


… kale, pear, banana, avocado, a little lemon juice, ginger and lucuma powder. And water, to get that smooth texture. *haha* 😉

I got some old leftover bread from school and since I had a little time on my hands I made vegan french toast! (also known as “Arme Ritter” or “Wentelteefjes”)


Topped with cinnamon, maple syrup and banana coins. With black coffee and yellow kiwi on the side.

I used the recipe for “Fronch Toast” from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s “Vegan with a Vengeance”.

I poured the leftover french toast batter (which mostly consists of chickpea flour and plant milk) into the pan and turned it into some kind of pancake scramble or “Kaiserschmarrn”, that I topped with more banana, maple syrup and some passion fruit and enjoyed alongside another cup of coffee with homemade vanilla-almond milk.



After this extensive breakfast I didn’t feel that hungry for a while, but before I finally got out of my pj’s and took off to bike to that evenings yoga class across town I enjoyed a huge bowl of yet another smoothie:


This one has 2 bananas, 1 frozen banana, 1 very ripe persimmon, 1 orange, freshly grated ginger, lucuma, maca, cinnamon and a splash of lemon juice in it.

The yoga class was really great. I’m pretty enthusiastic about Iyengar yoga lately. I hadn’t taken a class in a while and I immediately noticed how much better my whole body felt, after class.
After another pretty cold bikeride home I made myself some…


yup! again a bowl of miso soup with rice-udon noodles, tofu, wakame and veggies! I just love that stuff! And it’s so easy and quick to prepare! But no worries, I’m no longer eating this soup 😉 (Oh, and notice those sustainable bamboo chopsticks that Lilith gave me for my birthday!!!)

So, this was about it. My vegan wednesday. Check out the pinterest board and the other participating blogs! It’s always such an inspiration to see what other vegans eat. Or maybe I’m just waaaaaay to curious about other people’s lives… 😉

bye, bye!



Vegan Wednesday #84


Moin allerseits!

Bevor ich euch meine dieswöchigen VeganWednesday eats zeige, möchte ich euch noch eben auf diesen, meiner Meinung nach, sehr angebrachten und schön reflektierten Blogbeitrag (auf dem übrigens sehr tollen Blog aufmerksam machen.

Und bevor ich es vergesse, diese Woche sammelt Frau Schulz wieder unsere Beiträge. Vielen Dank an die fleißige Frau!

Hey there!
Before I share my VeganWednesday-eats and treats with you guys, I’d like to bring this blog post to your attention. In my opinion, it is very well written and touches upon an important issue of nowadays Veganism. By the way: this blog is pretty awesome in general 😉

And before I move on to food and pictures: this week’s VeganWednesday posts and pictures are being collected over at Frau Schulz’s blog. Big thanks for that!


Liebe Leute, ich sage euch, das Leben als Teilzeit-Bäuerin ist nicht leicht… 😉

Dear people, life as a parttime farmer is not easy… 😉


Morgens hat man im Zug Zeit und Ruhe seinen Frühstückssmoothie zu trinken. Auf dem Hof angekommen gehts dann auch gleich bei sommerlich schwülen Temperaturen an die Arbeit, sodass ich am liebsten schon gleich im T-shirt gearbeitet hätte, aber was hätte ich dann nachmittags noch ausziehen sollen?

On my way to the farm I could actually sit down (in the train) and rest, while enjoying my morning green smoothie.

After having spent the first part of the morning mulching the berry bushes, we had (vegan) carrot cake in our coffee-break…

Nach morgentlichem Mulchens der Beerensträucher ging es in der 10Uhr-Kaffeepause gleich weiter mit nem Stückchen veganem Möhrenkuchens…



…den wir auch noch bei weit geöffneten Türen, hereinblinzelndem Sonnenschein und Vogelgezwitscher, mit Ausblick auf die blühenden Pflaumenbäume, genießen konnten.

…meanwhile the doors stood wide open, sunshine found its way inside the house, the birds were twittering and we could overlook the blossoming plum trees from our seats at the kitchen table. Magical.


In der Mittagspause gabs dann auch noch ganz was feines. Ich hatte nämlich vom Vorabend noch rohköstliche Norirollen dabei…

For lunch I had brought some leftovers from Tuesday night’s dinner: (almost) raw nori-rolls.


Diese waren mit Rotkohl, Möhrchen, Gurke, Mandel-Räuchertofu, Avocado und kleinen Brokkoliröschen gefüllt. Dadurch, das der Winter hier so warm war, ist der Brokkoli in meinem Garten jetzt im Frühjahr nämlich einfach weiter gewachsen. Im letzten Jahr hatte ich gar nichts davon ernten können, weil sich erst die Schnecken und dann eine Horde Raupen über ihn hergemacht hatten. Und nun das! Zarte kleine Brokkoliröschen! Perfekt zum so naschen oder in Wraps und Salaten. Die Natur is schon toll! 🙂

I had filled them with red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, smoked tofu with almonds, avocado and small broccoli florets. Since winter has not really been present, here in the Netherlands, the broccoli in my garden just kept growing this spring. Last year I had not even been able to harvest the smallest floret from it. First the slugs had almost eaten it up completely, then a horde of caterpillars savaged it. And now this! Beautifully tender broccoli florets! Perfect for just eating them as they are or for putting them in wraps and salads. Nature is amazing!


Die Anleitung für die Noriwraps ist übrigens auf diesem tollen Blog zu finden. Nicht fotographisch festgehalten, aber dennoch Teil meines Lunches waren außerdem zwei Scheiben Dinkelbrot nach Essener Art (also das Brot war von zuvor gekeimtem Dinkel gemacht) mit Kokosöl und Erdnusscreme.

The recipe for the nori rolls and a dipping sauce can be found here on this lovely blog.

Oh, and did I mention how tough the life of a farmer is? Well, with our afternoon tea we also had vegan Apfelstrudel…

Hatte ich schon erwähnt wie schwer das Gärtnerleben so ist? Zum Nachmittagstee gab es nämlich auch noch veganen Apfelstrudel…


Sieht hier zwar etwas verhacktstückt aus, war aber dennoch sehr lecker 😉

I know, it looks a bit weird in this picture (we had to squeeze it a bit, otherwise the slices wouldn’t have fitted on the plates), but it was delish!

For dinner, we took a little walk on the property. First we cut a few early asparagus and some winter lettuce. We picked some herbs and cut some small fennel bulbs (which had regrown from last year’s plants). Back in the kitchen we turned these treasures into a light meal.

Fürs Abendessen haben wir dann noch ein Ründchen übers Land gedreht. Ein paar erste Spargelchen und Wintersalat geschnitten. Kräuter gepflückt und ebenfalls, dank des milden Winters, nachgewachsene Fenchelknöllchen mit in die Küche genommen. Heraus kam dies:


Neben Spargel-Fenchel Gebratenem, Wintersalat mit Apfel und Kräutern, gab es noch Kartoffel-Tofu-Sesam Pfanne und gekochten Buchweizen.

Besides roasted asparagus and fennel, winter lettuce with apple and herbs, we also had panfried potatoes and tofu with sesame seeds and a side of cooked buckwheat.


Ich hoffe ihr hattet einen ebenso leckeren veganen Mittwoch!

I hope your vegan wednesday was equally delicious!


Schönes Wochenende allerseits! Happy weekend! 😉

Vegan Wednesday #80 working hard or hardly working…

Vegan Wednesday.picx








Hello there and a wonderful friday noon to y’all!

A little pre-spring melancholy caught me these days and so I decided to insert (again) a complete relaxing day with the only goal to rest my body and mind (and to tell you about my Vegan Wednesday)!
So I’m sitting here, skipping through old records and CDs – mostly old compilations by a good friend from Bremen who gave them to me nearly six years ago…
As I feel especially moody today – I’m trying to find one wonderful song on these compilations. I haven’t heard this single song since the time my friend gave these CDs to me, as he forgot to add any playlists. And so I managed to fail several times to find that song, that is only stuck by it’s melody in my head. So I now began all over to hear completly through 9 compilations each filled with 20 to 25 songs on them – but it is kind of a melancholic fun, as there are so many beautiful songs which I nearly had forgotten, and so I feel really beamed into pre-spring in 2008 – one of my last years lived in Bremen…and it were magical last years there.
This memories are a huge powersource for me, even if they support my melancholy for a moment…maybe this seems kinda weird to you, so I’ll just begin with my food post  😉



As I felt pretty tired when I woke up on wednesday morning, I boosted the sleepyness out of my head and body with a fresh hot lemon-, ginger- and turmeric-tea. I really love to start my days with this immune system supporting, clarifying drink, that also manages to have a pretty good wake-up-effect! Adopting the habit from Judith while she was visiting me, I wouldn’t drop it when she left again…so this is right now my beverage before my beloved morning cappuccino.
This morning cappuccino I brew from fresh African Sidamo coffeebeans which I grind myself – kinda my daily dozen ;-)…and while the coffeemaker is running I gently heat some soymilk (or sometimes almondmilk, when the cash cow just visited) to create a smooth huge mountain of milk froth with which I top the coffee…this is my everymorning-meditational ceremony I dedicate to the coffee-godness, as I try to limit my consume of this luxury product to one cup a day…

This milk froth is alway topped with a few dashes of whole cane sugar and lots of cinnamon and cardamom.
To tank up some additional energy for the day I’d be spending wheelchair pushing and entertaining the lovely girl I work with, I paired my coffee with these energy shots I prepaired a day earlier.
They are astonishingly easy to make from a raw-“dough” of dried dates, cocoa nibs, nuts, some spices and just a little cold processed coconut oil – and I have to say (after having them tasted by some friends and myself) they are the most delish (and healthy) snack I managed to create in like e v e r !

For the exact recipe I will soon make a photo-documented post…

Before I left home for work I prepared also a fresh snack for later – as I need light fresh food running around so much at work, it were some fruit and nuts (always a winning couple) – apple-slices and mandarines with some cashewnuts and hazelnuts…yummmmmy! (I dip the appleslices in lemonjuice – that way they keep fresh for hours!)


Returning home pretty hungry but too exhausted to cook a large meal, I piled all vegetables my fridge yielded on a plate, to be either eaten immeditaly or to be stapled on sourdough rolls and a bagel with soy-yoghurt, wheaty (which looks like salami, but has actually a really nice smoky flavour) and some tomato paste and mustard. I love combining complementary flavours like salty and savoury with sweet and sour – so I often pair fruit like mandarines with avocadomash and some saladleaves on bakery goods…for me this combo satisfies any craving I might have at a moment!




While I enjoyed these goodies I had another few episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” a comedy series that completely hits my (maybe a bit strange) humor – I also use it pretty progressively to shut off my mind at night after work 😉
But no worries – for sleeping I switched like always to the “The Three Investigators” – a German audio drama series (“Drei???” in German), which is a little more brain-teasing 🙂
And so a day with lots of hard work in between, slowly faded out to the voices of Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews…

And this all in all was my Vegan Wednesday, but at last but not least I wanted to share two other culinarian-peak-treats I had this week:

DSCN0503…another variation of my selfmade bhatura bread with a huge mixed-vegetables-and-fruit-salad with tahin-miso-seasoning and and my peanutsauce (see here for more detailed desciption and recipe directions)…
…and below on the photo: a nice grated celery-apple and beetroot salad, topped with baby-leaf green kale I massaged with salt and lemonjuice (this baby-kale grew from a big green kale, that I had placed in a jar filled with water on my windowsill – for I had no cravings for it for some time, but also didn’t want the kale to die in my fridge: the bigger leaves did, but in the heart of the kale grew a new “flower” of small baby-kale leaves) – I also seasoned the whole salad with native olive oil and some pepper and sprinkled it with ground cashewnuts (I also use this as vegan ground parmesan cheese on my pasta) and some more whole cashewnuts…


Right now it’s nearly time to lay off work for most people – and I enjoyed relaxing half my afternoon while writing this post and listening to that old music I talked about at the beginning…I haven’t found the missing song yet but I’m really not melancholic anymore – I just feel happy and rested 🙂

Have a great rest of the day and following weekend y’all!
Yours, Lilith

Kaffee und Kuchen – Coffee and Cake


Good afternoon!

Even if you’re not German you probably heard of our love for “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee and cake)? We Germans do not only fancy a coffee in the morning but we also like to have a coffee break in the afternoon. The afternoon-coffee is often accompanied by a baked good such as a piece of cake or Torte. Family gatherings, such as birthdays, are often organised around the afternoon coffee and cake-thing on a Sunday afternoon. But we also meet friends over coffee and cake during the week. We can have cake pretty much everyday 😉
Lilith and I come from a coffee-loving family. When we get to spend some time together we drink a lot of coffee. Maybe that is, because we come from Bremen, which is an old trading-city and several coffee roasters are situated there. So drinking coffee has a long tradition in our family.
Thinking of our childhood, whenever our parents met up with friends or family in the afternoon somebody always baked some cake and while we kids were playing around their feet, they would have coffee and cake.

Even nowadays, when we meet online for a skype-date in the morning or afternoon, there sure will be a cup of coffee or cappuccino next to each computer.

Even though I love coffee and always kind of celebrate having a cup of it, I’ve been trying to cut down on my coffee consumption lately. It’s not, that I’m drinking that much of coffee on a regular basis. I usually have just one cup per day. It’s only with those family-get-togethers that I drink more. But I noticed that my body is quite addicted to this one cup a day. I also have the suspicion that my coffee-consumption affects the quality of my nighttime’s sleep. First of all, I’m pretty “allergic” to addictions. I like to be in control and don’t want to be driven by anything beyond my conscience. Secondly, I do no longer want to have a hard time getting up in the mornings and I don’t want to have this feeling of never being fully rested. So I decided for myself that I would only have coffee once per week (preferably on a lazy sunday morning with enough time to thoroughly celebrate and enjoy it) or (second exception) when I feel like I really, really need a cup (hence on one of these days that simply “suck”). I’ve always been taking care to only drink good coffee (meaning: organic and fairtrade quality), but every now and then I would be offered a cup of coffee of lesser quality somewhere. So I also decided to always (politely) neglect such offers, to spare my body any bad coffee experiences.

So far about the good intentions… I think I managed to hold onto them for the first three weeks of 2014. But then the weather was bad and I was often craving the cozyness of having a cup of coffee. Also, I often work pretty early in the morning and I am not a morning person. I am an owl. I thrive at nighttime. There were several mornings on which I really needed the little kick-in-the-butt that coffee gives me. I simply work at a higher speed when my blood pressure is being raised by coffee (and/or sugar). Coffee is my doping 😉
But, I will try again to shake off this addiction. And I have good hope that, with spring approaching, it won’t be that much of a problem. Until then, I’d like to share one of my favorite brewing methods lately. I discovered this video already a year or two ago, but since I usually prepare my coffee with an old-fashioned espresso-cooker (on the stove over a gas flame) I only tried this french press-method only recently, when we had more coffee-drinkes over for brunch (yeah, this is kind of the sequal to “Das Wort zum Sonntag – a word on Sunday…”). And since then, I’ve been preparing coffee in my french press more often (and been drinking way too much coffee 😀 ). I somehow like to be watching my coffee brewing in this glass can.

Now onto the “Kuchen“. Actually this is not really Kuchen, but it goes very well with the morning or afternoon-coffee (or both): dark chocolate espresso scones (from the beautiful blog The First Mess). I actually had a serious scones-craving for weeks ^^ And since there is no place where I can buy vegan scones around here, I knew I would have to bake some myself. But somehow I thought that baking scones would be a bit complicated and therefore I always shied away from it. Until I had some free time on my hands and I felt ready to throw myself into this “adventure” on Sunday. And what can I say… It’s pretty simple. No need to fear the vegan scones-making. At least not with the recipe above. I think I’ll have a lot more scones in the future. By the way, these scone are certainly great with the suggested coconut cream and jam, but if you don’t have any coconutmilk on hand, simple coconut oil is pretty good aswell.


Have a beautiful week and if you want something, just go for it!

Vegan Wednesday #66

Vegan Wednesday.picx

Moin allerseits,

Mit leichter Verspätung darf ich Ihnen meinen dieswöchigen veganen Mittwoch mit Hinsicht auf die von mir verspeisten Nahrungsmittel präsentieren. Doch bevor ich Sie mit einer Flut von Bildern und weiterem Gefasel behellige erst noch ein paar Worte zu den neuen “Regeln” des Vegan Wednesdays 😉
Wie Regina auf ihrem Blog erklärt, “darf” von nun an am VeganWednesday auch gepostet werden was man leckeres unter der Woche gekocht/gerohkocht/etc. hat. Der Post ist also nicht mehr nur auf den Mittwoch beschränkt. Die Gerichte, die gepostet werden sollten aber natürlich weiterhin vegan sein (“duh”).
Wenn ihr die erweiterten Regeln des VeganWednesdays selbst noch einmal nachlesen wollt könnt ihr das hier tun.

Übrigens sucht das VeganWednesday-Team Verstärkung!

Nun aber zu meinem Mittwoch aus kulinarischer Sicht… 😉

Der Tag begann nach dem Aufstehen für mich erstmal wie eigentlich immer…


… mit einer großen Tasse Ingwertees, mit Zitronensaft, Kurkuma und etwas Steviakonzentrats. Für den Ingwertee schneide ich abends immer 1-2 cm Ingwerknolle in dünne Scheibchen, tue diese in meine Thermoskanne und gieße 1/2 liter heißes Wasser darüber. Dann mache ich die Kanne gut dicht und lasse das so über Nacht ziehen. Morgens habe ich dann herrlichen Ingwertee auf Trinktemperatur, dem ich nur noch Zitronensaft, etc. hinzufügen muss. Ich mache das so, weil ich morgens meist nicht viel Zeit habe, denn derzeit arbeite ich vier Tage die Woche im Bioladen und muss dafür immer ziemlich früh aufstehen. Womit wir auch schon zum nächsten Schmankerl kommen…


… mein grüner Smoothie!
Den bereite ich immer abends vor, fülle ihn in ein großes Schraubglas und stelle ihn über Nacht in den Kühlschrank. Morgens brauche ich ihn dann nur noch in meine Fahrradtasche zu packen und kann ihn bei der Arbeit trinken, während ich das erste Gemüse in die Körbe sortiere und darauf warte, dass die Kaffeemaschine fertig ist mit Kaffeemachen 😉

Das ist dann der dritte Teil meines Frühstücks.


In meiner Frühstückspause (gegen 11) gab es am Mittwoch diese Buchweizencreme

017 021

…schön herbstlich mit Granatapfelkernen, Mandarine und Hanfsamen. Ich hatte von der Creme am Montag gleich mehrere Gläser voll vorbereitet und in den Kühlschrank gestellt, sodass ich mir morgens ebenfalls nur noch eins in die Fahrradtasche zu packen brauchte. Und naja, Obst für oben drauf gibts bei meinem Arbeitgeber ja zum Glück genug 😉

Mittwochs komme ich auf meinem Nachhauseweg immer an einem kleinen biologischen Markt vorbei, wo ich meist noch etwas frisches Gemüse einkaufe. Einiges davon ist auch gleich auf meinem Mittagessenteller gelandet. Zuerst gabs aber ne herrlich reife Kakifrucht, mit etwas Kardamompulver obendrauf.


072 085

Dieses Ensemble ist mein Mittwochsmittagessen, bestehend aus: gekochtem Vollkornreis, gedämpftem Brokkoli, Chioggiabeete, Süßkartoffel und Grünkohl, sowie etwas Mandarine, Champignon, Feldsalat und Wasserkresse, mit einem super simplen Dressing aus Tahin, Shiro-Miso und Wasser.

Gefolgt wurde dieser Gang am Nachmittag von einer am Dienstag selbstgebackenen Zimtschnecke und ner Tasse Yogitee (inklusive Weisheit des Tages). Das Rezept für die Zimtschnecken stammt von diesem tollen Blog.

033 099 095 027

Abends gings dann wieder zum Yoga und danach habe ich mir noch Süppchen gegönnt, bevor ich dann auch wieder in die Heia musste.


Die Suppe war eine Lauch-Fenchel-Walnuss-Suppe, die ich am Dienstag schon gekocht hatte und die ich zusammen mit ein paar extra Adukibohnen in den letzten Tagen öfters mal als kleine wärmende Mahlzeit vertilgt habe.

Tja, das wars dann schon 😉

Wenn du magst, bis zum nächsten Mal!