X-mas, New Year’s Eve and Turmeric – a short review


Hi folks…

Are you guys still up for those snowy days? I surely am, cause they have been rare this winter in Berlin 🙂
More so my december and january where filled with dry book pages, which I have been reading for university — but they felt as many as snowflakes in a winter storm 😉
However, I wasn’t lazy on the culinary side either, and when x-mas time was near I found myself in the kitchen sourrounded by 99 vegan pralines I had created, and that where now all to send to my relatives — I have to say it was a delightful break from learning, though very time consuming. Which is the reason why I haven’t taken as many photos as I wanted to and haven’t had the time to post about them. But there soon will be one dedicated to the pralines only (with some new photos and measurement validations) — a little teaser…



Unfortunately my New Year’s Eve was also divided into book cracking and preparing ‘a little something’ for the buffet at our party…so at the end of preparing I was in such a hurry that I didn’t take a photo of the results 😦

But because it is a really delicicous recipe and a perfect hand food at a party I wanted to share it with you…
Note: this is one of the few recipes I use some (organic) processed foods in, because that makes it much faster to prepare. I use a vegan spread (most of the time something like this or this : they have a slightly sweet curry-mango-papaya flavor and make a good match with the dates and the vegan slices), but feel free to experiment with the flavors here and also a homemade spread would be pretty amazing. The second product I use are vegan slices (like these : they have a nice smoky flavor; products like them are now popping up all over the supermarkets…be sure that they are really vegan – some companies use dairy and egg white in them, and the labels are sometimes confusing – at least in Germany: there is a ‘V’ label that stands for ‘vegetarian’ and a ‘V’ label for ‘vegan’ – how intelligent is that?), but if you want a less processed product here, you could probably use somked tofu.

Dates in a Blanket (vegan version of ‘pigs in a blanket’ or ‘Würstchen im Schlafrock’ or the pretty funny vegan german interpretation of the french ‘Croque Monsieur’) 😉

You will need:
for the ‘blanket’
baguette dough (measurements doubled, prepared like described)
I think for a less extensive preparation you could also use a recipe for vegan pizza dough or a light gem or panini dough.

for the filling
ca. 1,5 cups dried dates
2 pkg (=200g) vegan slices or 200g smoked tofu sliced very thin
ca 1/2 cup vegan spread
rosemary, thyme

toothpicks to secure the dates (I think you could do it without them, but they make wrapping the dough around the filling more easy)
1. Prepare your dough.
2. Cut the vegan slices into halves. Put a teaspoon of your vegan spread on each half and sprinkle with rosemary and thyme.
3. Place a date on each half, wrap it with the slice and secure it with a toothpick.
4. When your dough is ready, form a long roll with it. Cut a fingerthick slice from it by using a sharp knife. Place one end of the slice at the edge of one wrapped date (remove the toothpick now) and wind it like a tight helix around it. Seal the end a bit and place it on a baking tray layered with parchment paper. Do the same with all the other dates one by one. Spray them with a little water with sea salt in it, and dust them with flour. Let them rest under a damp towel for 20min.
5. (Pre-heat your oven to ca 220°Celsius – normally I don’t pre-heat my oven, but pasties like these (or the baguette) need a pretty high temperature from the beginning, to be fluffy inside and crisp from the outside.) So Pre-heat your oven and insert a waterfilled ovenproof dish on the lowest track.
6. Spray your pastries one more time with some salted water and dust them with flour, and insert them into the oven. Bake them for 12-15 minutes, occasionly spraying some water into the oven. Remove them when they are golden and let them cool on a cooling tray.


So something else came up while I was writing this…I wanted to insert a photo of the process making the pastries and had to learn that our uploading limit is reached at wordpress. Judith and me will have to go Premium or something to get more space — so we’ll work on that.

Fortunately the photos of my phone camera aren’t as big as those of my other camera so I can fit in two last ones…



It seems like the whole world is into turmeric these days — and I am too! 🙂
And why shouldn’t we? This ginger-like rhizome contains a good load of healthyness and benefints while also tasting pretty nice in sweet and savoury foods. I am very happy that this new popularity of turmeric among the healthy foodies and foodists, made fresh turmeric more available in organic stores. It is a little more intense like the powder and has also fruity and earthy notes…
His benefits are really numerous and I will just name a few to not get you lost in facts…turmeric is believed to be anti-inflammatory (really benefical for you endomitiosis-warriers among us), antioxidant, antitumour, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. It is potentially efficent against several diseases and is used for thousands of years for medical treatment in the areas where it natuarally grows (south India and south, southeast Asia), especially by the traditional Indian medecine which is calles Siddah. There it is used to cure stomach diseases, skin conditions, wounds, … and the list goes on. Note that pepper increases the bio-availability of curcurmin – one of the strongest agents in this power-root.

So I felt a little under the weather last week and what you see above is my attempt to kick any sicknesses’ kiester: a vitamin bombing blood orange juice (I think it where 5-6 blood oranges) with two whole fingerlong pieces of fresh turmeric and a pinch of fresh ground back pepper. Needless to say it tasted divine 🙂
But also more and more recipes of Vedic Golden Milk are popping up and I have to try this one (by Elenore of Earthsprout) as soon as possible.

I hope this quick update from my side wasn’t too mazy…and I’m really sorry about the photo problem, that kinda crushed my plans…

Have a wonderful week everyone!
❤ Lilith


Vegan Wednesday #74 – lazy cat edition


Moin ihr Lieben,

geht es euch auch so, dass ihr bei dem trüben wetter und den unappetitlichen Temperaturen so wenig voreinander kriegt? Ich jedenfalls falle derzeit sobald ich nach der arbeit/schule nach hause komme gleich aufs sofa, mummel mich ein und döse/lese bis es zeit ist wieder schlafen zu gehen. Naja, das ist etwas überspitzt. Aber was beispielsweise die Essensversorgung angeht, stehen bei mir Smoothies, Müsli, Obst und Brot ganz oben auf der Liste. Kein Bock lange in der Küche zu stehen. Oder den Abwasch zu machen…

Oft sieht mein schnelles Mittagessen nach der Arbeit dann so aus:


dann gibts Vollkornbrot mit entweder Erdnuss- oder Schokonusscreme (die Schokonusscreme mach ich selbst, mit rohem Kakao, Mandeln und Haselnüssen. Gesüßt wird mit Kokosblütenzucker) mit Banane und extra Kakaonibs. Oder ich schmeiß schnell ein paar Kichererbsen in den Mixer und mache Humus, das ich dann beispielsweise mit Zimt, Sprossen, Tomate und frischem Koriander auf Brot tu. Untendrunter gibts bei mir als Butterersatz meist Kokosöl.


Wenn ich mich aber aufraffe etwas zu machen, dann sieht das derzeit meist recht farbenfroh aus (irgendwas muss man dem grau da draußen ja entgegenzusetzen haben!)

Hier beispielsweise mein Frühstücksbrettchen vom Sonntag


schön bunt, nech? Nebst kiwi gabs blutorangensaft und Dinkelvollkornbrot mit Kürbismarmelade meiner Mutter.

Ziemlich gut und unkompliziert war auch dieser Salat, den ich mir gestern nach der Arbeit schnell zusammengeschmissen habe



drin waren: Stielmus (Raapstelen), Palmkool, geraspelte Möhre, gemischte Sprossen, gekochte Schwarzwurzeln vom Vorabend, Avocado und Kürbiskerne. Das war mal wieder ne Rieeeesenportion, die mich für den Rest des Tages satt aber nicht schwer gemacht hat 🙂

Und damit das jetzt nicht alles so ganz schlimm klingt, ich, bzw. wir (mein Kerl und ich), haben auch gekocht. So gab es am Freitag diese tolle Wurzelgemüse-Mulligatawny Suppe



Dies ist unsere go-to Wintersuppe, da sie wunderbar ist um all die saisonalen Wurzelgemüse zu verwenden und Reste aufzubrauchen. Außerdem macht sie richtig schön satt, wärmt durch und hat dank Kokosmilch und indischen Gewürzen einen Hauch exotik. Das Rezept stammt von Sarah B.’s wunderbarer Seite My New Roots. Das Rezept ergibt ne schön große Portion, sodass man gleich mehrere Tage davon essen kann. Und da solche Eintöpfe meist noch besser schmecken wenn sie etwas durchgezogen sind… win-win, würd ich sagen 😉


An Wurzelgemüsen haben wir, wenn ich mich recht erinnere, Möhren, Süßkartoffel, Pastinaken, Kollensellerie und Topinambur verwendet. Aber Steckrüben, Petersilienwurzel und gelbe Beete schmecken auch ganz super darin. Ach, überhaupt sind der Phantasie da keine Grenzen gesetzt!

In dem Sinne, wünsche ich noch eine ganz phantastische Woche!