We are two sisters, and over the years the both of us developed a huge love for all green, vegan, organic and fair-produced foods and goods. So eventually our long emails, talks on the phone or skype began to be filled with new ideas, recipes and other food-related-, and non-food-related-talk.

Due to the distance of our hometowns (Judith makes her living in Amsterdam, Netherlands, while Merle’s current location is Berlin, Germany) we were searching for a more easy and more fun way to present and swap our latest inventions from our green-kitchen-shelves. And besides, we figured it would be even more fun to share it with a bigger community.

But how to exchange and share all the nice, yummy, green-organic and often raw recipes that we use to talk about all the time?

– The answer is to create a blog-connection – and so here it is!

Have fun and enjoy!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you! It’s really great fun! And I so love that we stay more in touch of each others lifes – getting to know what the other one is doing – that’s really great!
    But I loved your blog too – these beetroot burgers you made look insanely good 😉

    • Dankeschön! Voll super, dass Dir die Seiten gefallen – wir geben uns große Mühe 🙂 und freuen uns natürlich riesig wenn Du öfter vorbeischaust! ❤
      Dein Blog sieht auch wunderschön aus – da werde ich gleich noch intensiver rumstöbern – Dir natürlich noch ganz viel Spaß auf Deiner Panama-Reise!
      Liebste Grüße!! ❤

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