Vegan MoFo – Vegan Wednesday


Good evening!

Sorry for the silence around here! I got a bit overwhelmed by school, work, internship and the usual stuff and I didn’t want to get even more stressed out by trying to keep up my mofo-schedule. As for Lilith, she’s still recovering from her surgery and has, on top of that, caught a nasty flu 😦

Anyway, today I’ll share what my wednesday has been like, food-wise. I noticed that I totally forgot to mention the angels behind “vegan wednesday”, who make a selection of the food pictures and compile them for a pinterest board. This week’s angel is Regina of Make sure to check out her blog, too!

Since the days are getting shorter, the workday at the farm now starts a little later than throughout the summer months. As it is too dark to start cutting lettuce at 6:00, we start with breakfast instead. This wednesday I had…


… a slice of spelt-buckwheat sourdough bread with coconut oil, peanut butter and fresh fruit. And a cup of herbal tea.


After cutting various types of lettuce, we went on to the carrots…


In our coffee/tea-break around ten we had vegan flapjacks with plums and chocolate, made by Caitlin!



Until lunch we spent our time as we almost always do: on our knees with our hands in the ground. The “rammenas”, a type of winter radish with a black, slightly rough skin had to be thinned and the weeds around them had to be removed.



here you see the rammenas in the front, then some string beans and the last row of corn in the back

My lunch was partly typically Dutch and partly pretty much not 😉


first a not so Dutch open-faced sandwich with tomato spread, lettuce and “chorizo tempeh” (recipe from “Vegan eats World”)


then another slice of bread with coconut oil, peanut butter and hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles)

In the afternoon, the farm’s shop was open, was always on wednesday’s. I spent the afternoon, helping a little bit in the shop, picking  a big part of the last plums (Anna Spät), harvesting zucchini and cutting some extra endives and iceberg lettuce for another order.

Since I was very tired from spending Monday and Tuesday at school (not used to that anymore) and hardly not having had any weekend, I decided to go home one day earlier.

When I got home wednesday night, I quickly threw together some farmfresh veggies and some leftover stuff that I found in the fridge.


so my dinner was: steamed broccoli and sweet potato, cooked brown rice with fresh cilantro, pan-fried tempeh, a little pan-fried shii-take mushrooms with spinach and some raw carrot slices, cucumber and avo. Almost everything sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

I hope your wednesday was equally vegan and delicious!




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