Vegan Wednesday#106 – flower picking and gloopy cake


Hi there,

Welcome to another (vegan) wednesday at the farm!


As always, we started the day early (though no longer at 6, but at 6:30!) with cutting lettuce, washing and packing it in boxes. Even though I’m not an early bird, I enjoy these quiet early mornings. Now that autumn is approaching mist is often hanging over the fields and the sun has not risen yet. So, while we are in the fields, cutting the lettuce, the sun ist slowly rising and by the time we get back to the house for breakfast, the mist has almost disappeared.

The current wwoofer, Kaitlin, baked a delicious nut and seed bread for our breakfast.


After breakfast I started assembling a special order for a restaurant. I had to pick nasturtium leafs and flowers. They looked even more beautiful this morning, with leftovers of dow on the leafs, gleaming in the sunlight…



Besides nasturtiums I also picked some burnet (DE=Pimpernelle)


and this plant, which is called “Klaverzuring” in Dutch. No idea what it is in English. Klaver means clover, but I have no idea what “zuring” is in English. But zuring is something sour. So maybe it’s simply sour-clover?


When we gathered for our morning-coffee, we got to enjoy another Kaitlin-made delicacey: her first vegan cake, that she made especially because of me!


The turned out a bit “gloopy” (to use Kaitlin’s words), but I found it very very good. It reminded me of a blondie. It had plums in it and a very nice “crust” on top.
I think after our coffeebreak I went harvesting parsley. Which practically means cutting away the outer leafs of the plant, sorting out the no longer nice ones and assembling the good ones to a bunch.

This is what my lunch looked like:


We could still enjoy our lunch outside


I had some rye bread with homemade nasturtium spread, avocado, tomato-tofu slices, baked eggplant strips and fresh lettuce. And some steamed broccoli on the side.

After lunch we went picking string beans. It was a beautifully sunny and warm afternoon, and while we were sitting between the little bean bushes, we had time to chit-chat a little.

Since wednesday is always the shop-day at the farm, I had the task to cook our dinner, since the farmer couple is always busy with the shop these days. I find it rather difficult to cook in a different kitchen than my own. I like my own spices and herbs and pots and kitchen aids. I also find it difficult to cook for other people without having much time to prepare stuff or a recipe to use, because I have too high expectations of how the food should turn out.
Luckily it helps me to take a look at all the wonderfully fresh produce from the farm, to come up with a simple recipe, not using much else but the vegetables on hand.



de-stemmed lacinato kale (=palmkool)

And this is what my dinner plate looked like in the end:


steamed sweet corn, mixed vegetables, young fingerling potatoes (krieltjes) and a simple carrot-apple-beet salad.

I hope you had a great wednesday too!






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