Vegan MoFo#7 – Schwarzwälder Plum Torte


Hi Folks,

A happy sunday to you!

Can you believe that this year’s Vegan MoFo is already a week old?! I am also a little proud that we managed to post a little something everyday so far. I wouldn’t have imagined that at the beginning of this month… 😉
Since it’s sunday today and us Germans love us some cake (or torte) with our afternoon coffee (=Kaffee und Kuchen) I wanted to share a very special traditional German Torte with a little personal twist with you guys…

For weeks I’ve been dreaming about a vegan version of the traditional Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, looking somewhat like this or this.

Since cherries are no longer in season, I started dreaming about a cake filled with slightly sour, juicy roasted plums. I also decided that the cake layers would have to be incredibly chocolatey and the cream should be thick, spiced with vanilla and cardamom.


So I started experimenting: I roasted some plums in the oven, that I brought home from the farm, and loved their flavour immediately. I tried to achieve a thick vegan cream, by mixing store-bought vegan whipping cream with creamed coconut and a little vanilla custard powder, leaving it in the fridge overnight, to chill and thicken up. I baked a chocolate cake, using the basic chocolate cupcake recipe in Vegan Cupcakes take over the World (which never fails), but added some extra melted chocolate to it, for that extra deep chocolate flavor.



This morning, I first had a fresh and healthy breakfast, before starting the chocolate-cream indulgence.


raw buckwheat porridge with some of the last red currants and raspberries and reine de victoria plums, pineapple-banana-kale smoothie on the side

When I opend the springform pan to transfer the chocolate cake to a plate, I already noticed that it was a bit more delicate and crumbly than usual. But I at this point I was not ready to abandone this project yet. So I persisted. I halved the cake and somehow managed to transfer a part of it to my plate, as the bottom of the torte. I spooned the roasted plums and their juice over the bottom and sprinkled them with a little ground cinnamon. Then I covered them with the perfect cream.

But oh the horror, when I tried to transfer the last piece of cake on top of the other layers! The cake broke apart! crumbles fell everywhere. And the worst, the top-layer started sliding to the sides with pieces of broken cake and crumbles! Somehow, I still couldnot  stop at this point. So I spooned some more cream on top, arranged plums in the middle and drizzled the last plum juice over it. Then I took a step back and looked at what I’d done…



So yeah, people, I’m sorry, but there’s no beautiful, innovative cake recipe for you tonight 😦 Sometimes, even vegan desserts don’t turn out the way the maker intended 😉
Buuuuuut, even though this Torte doesn’t look very appealing, it still tastes pretty good! 🙂 Apparently I did at least a few things right 😉


The leftovers I put into a container and stored in the fridge, hoping that they’ll last until the next visitors come over, because I’ve definetely had enough cake and cream for the next weeks… 😉


So long!




One thought on “Vegan MoFo#7 – Schwarzwälder Plum Torte

  1. Is it wrong that I think the chocolate cake somehow looks MORE delicious this way?! A heavenly mess of chocolatey, plummy, creamy goodness 🙂

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