Veganmofo 2014: #2 Season’s Greetings



Hi there!

We have the second day of the wonderful and inspiring VeganMoFo – yay! Check out the Website to see more information about it and to surf through all the amazing photos, recipes, blogs and themes people from all over the world share this month with all of us. It’s really amazing to skip through all the creative stuff!

I love lingering on organic markets these end-summer days, just watching the abundance of amazing fruits and vegetables in all their glory. For me it is the best inspiration for my meals later: from time to time I see somthing that is so special, that I have to get it – jumping from that point, my head instantly begins to rotate inventing recipes to prepare that precious one. And step by step, treasure by treasure that wanders into my bag, thousands of recipe-ideas pass through my mind. If only I could cook them all one day 😉

But seriously, at the moment evertime I stumble over a market I’m stunned by all the nice colours and flavours this season brings:






I mean – aren’t they beatutyful?

As Judith and I decided to concentrate a little on seasonal food for this month, I instantly thought of one my favourite recipes these days Lemon-Zuccini-Spaghetti. A refreshing lunch or dinner if the days are hot as they were a few days earlier and hopefully will be once again this late-summer…











Ingredients (for two poertions)

1 small (yellow) Zuccini (or if you got a bigger one take the half)
the cest of one organic lemon + 1 tsp fresh lemon juice
2 knobs garlic
1/2 onion
7 tbsp native olive oil
salt & pepper

175gr Spaghetti

some fresh basil and chopped cashews for decoration


Chop garlic and onion into fine pieces. Pour native olive oil into a small bowl and add salt, pepper, lemon cest, garlic and onion. Grate the zuccini with a spiralcutter or use a vegetable-peeler and a knife to shape it into spaghetti. Put them to the other ingredients, swirl everthing a little with a fork and let it rest while you prepare the “real” spaghetti. When you pour off the cooking water let them rest in a sieve, while you prepare the dressing in the pan. Add the olive-oil-zuccini-lemon mixture into the pan and let it shortly heat (but carefully, don’t let it get too hot – or the precious olive oil looses most of its goods), pour in the spaghetti – put it on big heat and stirr like crazy for about 30-45 seconds. Et voilà! Serve immediatly with some chopped cashews and the basil on top.



Bon appétit!

For desert after that enormous sunday dinner I employed another treasure I brought the other day from the organic market next to my house: Orange Raspberries!! And – oh! – were they sweet and delicous! If you see them by any chance anywhere – you should definitely try them, they are worth their price!






And they made a light and delightful desert with some fresh soy-yoghurt and cinnamon…yummy!




Check out your regional organic markets to get treasures like this. Local organic producers often culitvate old specimons you’d never find in supermarkets. And with buying them you support the preservation of those old varieties – it’s worth it!

Cheerio friends – Happy Vegan MoFo!


5 thoughts on “Veganmofo 2014: #2 Season’s Greetings

    • Thank you very much! – and they were really sooo cute in appearance and taste – I couldn’t believe what mother nature brought into my shopping bag! I hope after saturday’s market I can share their name with you, so you may be able to find them if you ask at local producers or stores!
      A wonderful day to you!

    • Hihihi…yeah they were really amazing and sooo delishous! Visiting the market on saturday once again – I’ll check out if there’s a special name to them so I can share it with you…and maybe you can ask at local producers or stores if they have them 🙂
      A wonderful day to you!

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