Vegan Wednesday #100!


Hello hello!

Wow, somehow July has passed in a rush! Even though I’m a bit late already, I still want to share last week’s Vegan Wednesday, because I took so many pictures that I’d love to show you guys 😉


On the farm the last weeks have been really busy. We picked loads of red currants (sometimes all day long, which I surely didn’t mind, since one or the other berry ended up in my mouth…), but also cherries, gooseberries and black currants have been abundant.



So I made a summer version of my favorite raw buckwheat porridge for breakfast:


For the porridge I blended half a cup of soaked buckwheat with a banana, a tablespoon of tahini, a pinch of vanilla and cinnamon, 1-2 dates (optional), 1 tablespoon flax seeds and chia seeds and a big handful of fresh summer berries (frozen will work, too) and topped it before serving with even more fresh berries and some soaked nuts. A perfectly fresh and light morning treat on these beautifully warm summer days!

By the way, this is what the buckwheat plant looks like:


And it’s hard to believe, but we already harvest the first plums! It’s incredible! So, the week before last week, I left the farm with a kilo of juicy plums which I turned into a typical German plum-cake with yeast as a rising agent. At least, for me that’s a typical German kind of plum cake, because our mum always bakes this type of plum cake. And the yeast bottom and the juicy plums go really well together.
So last Wednesday I brought some German plum cake with me to the farm, which we enjoyed in our coffeebreak in the morning, in the shadow of the old apple tree, that’s already dropping the first apples….




Lately my lunch salads are often a simple mix of cooked brown rice, juicy tomatoes, fresh cucumber, a rich-in-protein ingredient (this time kidney beans) and whatever else I have on hand to throw on top (such as fresh herbs, avocado, nuts or seeds, fruit,…), simply seasoned with some good-quality olive oil, salt and pepper.
So Wednesday my lunch plate looked like this:


And I also had a slice of whole grain sourdough bread with tahini, agave syrup and some new strawberries for a treat… 🙂


On the farm, we now cut zucchini every day (on hot and moist days even twice per day), because they grow so fast.


On Wednesdays the farm opens its own little outdoor shop. This is a glimpse of the produce we harvest and sell these days:


different varieties of zucchini (summer squash)


the last sugarsnaps and “peultjes”


capucijners” which are peas in purple pods – so beautiful!


the last broad-beans and savory

By the way, there is a national (meaning NL) farming competition called “Held van de Smaak” (=Hero of Taste) and this year’s topic is beans. My farmers have been nominated as Held van de Smaak for the province of Flevoland and are in the running to become the national Held van de Smaak, because they grow such a big variety of pulses and beans on their comparably small farm.


… carrots, lettuce, cabbage,…


… mizuna, namenia, rucola, new onions, …


… and summer berries and fruit en masse 😉

One more advantage of working on a farm (apart from working outside, helping to grow beautiful vegetables and fruit and the awesome company of other “organic”-people 😉 ) is that I always get to take some fresh produce home with me 🙂

So, when I got back home from the farm last week, I threw myself this together as a quick dinner:


a mix of regular spaghetti and raw zucchini spaghetti, fresh shredded greens, steamed peas and snap peas, a handful of fresh basil, simply seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil


topped with some extra “nooch” (=nutritional yeast)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely week, eat a lot of organic berries and enjoy the sun!







2 thoughts on “Vegan Wednesday #100!

  1. Hiho, kein Thema, ich komme jetzt (!) erst bei dir vorbei, das Board war mal wieder eine Monsteraufgabe…. Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank für die vielen Fotos vom tollen Grün.

    • Moin!
      Super das mein post es noch aufs board geschafft hat 🙂 Es ist übrigens supertoll geworden! So viel Inspiration! Vielen Dank für deine Mühe!!!
      ganz lieber gruß,

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