A long weekend in Berlin


Hey people!

Last night we just got back from a long weekend in Berlin, where my man and me visited Lilith. I didn’t take that many pictures and all in all we just spent (almost) four pretty relaxed days, just hanging out together and eating delicious vegan food 😉 So I don’t have that much exciting stuff to share with you. But I think that by now pretty much everybody knows that Berlin is sort of a vegan Mekka these days…

Besides from eating a lot, my man and I went to see and hear Pearl Jam at Wuhlheide, which is sort of a small stadium in the periphery of Berlin. It was our first PJ concert and we were blown away 🙂


the stadium slowly filling up.

Not only was the location beautiful, the band played for pretty much three hours straight (at the beginning of the concert Eddie announced that he didn’t know at what time the sun would set, but that they would keep playing until it was dark).It seemed like everybody in the crowd (17.000 people!) knew all their lyrics by heart and sang along the whole time. I was also amazed by the energy the band conveyed and the beautiful atmosphere they created.


But back to the food part 😉

Before we headed to the concert venue, we stopped at Vöner to pick up some early dinner to munch on.

vöner berlin

(picture by vöner)

I had some simple (but nicely seasoned) fries with onions and vegan cheeze. My man had a vöner. Both were good grub 🙂 But we both agreed that the vöner (the vegan döner meat) could have been a bit more crispy. The yoghurt sauce was pretty good. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take some pictures of the food, but I guess you all know what fries and döner look like 😉

Apart from devouring quite some vegan icecream (for instance at Eisbärliner at Boxhagener Platz, at Veganz Friedrichshain,  (vegan, organic soft ice) and at Caramello in Wühlischstraße (which is all organic and many ingredients are fair trade!)) …

… we also went for another vegan brunch. This time at “Oh là là” a french vegan café/restau on Mainzer Straße in Friedrichshain.


We started off with some sweet stuff…


… (glutenfree) toast with jam, mini cupcakes with lemon whipped cream, mousse au chocolat, chocolate-cornflakes clusters, yoghurt and berries and a huge café au lait.


Also on the plate: pineapple-curry tofu bites and tzaziki cucumber pieces (both equally delish!).


The sweets were followed by some zucchini spaghetti à la bolognese, some pesto risotto, some pea and onion stew and a couscous salad. (sorry for the bad quality of the picture).


My third course were two types of fresh salads (carrot-peanut-coriander and mixed greens), more risotto (this was sooo good) and tofu stew.

The finish was another mousse au chocolat 🙂


The brunch had a nice variety of sweet and savoury dishes and since it was all glutenfree it didn’t feel too heavy on our stomachs, even though we felt pretty stuffed after having tried everything on the buffet 😉
The café is also very cozy, with cushioned benches on one side of the shop, a mix of old and modern furniture and light and friendly wallpaint. With sunny weather it is also possible to sit outside 🙂

Next time I’m in Berlin I’ll definitely go back there for some of these…


Oh and also important, the people working there were a bit stressed out, because it was such a busy morning but they were still very nice and friendly!

I only have one point of critique and that would be, that I’d like the food to be not only vegan but also organic.


Have a beautiful week!



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