Vegan Wednesday #94


Hello dear people,

This week Petzi collects our veganwednesday posts. Head over to her cute blog and check it out!

Also, my camera’s auto-focus is broken 😦 Luckily I can still use the manual focus. But it makes taking sharp pictures much more difficult… I hope I’ll be able to get it fixed soon!

Somehow I only manage to post about vegan wednesdays, these days. Busy times still.


Compared to last week, this week’s days at the farm were like a rush. It is as if the whole farm exploded withing one week. It feels as if everything has to be harvested right now.

So this week’s wednesday started early with big bean picking (NL: tuinbonen/ ich glaub auf deutsch heißen die Pferdebohnen).

Funny enough I received a box of those beans at my work on Friday, since a colleague had ordered “tuinbonen” and they happened to come from my internship farm. Even though I’m just an intern there, I felt soooo proud 🙂

Since my head was still in the beans, I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast *duh*

Buuuuuut since Petzi already pointed out: It’s been the most beautiful warm summery weather this week and therefore I made myself a luxurious breakfast on monday, when I had a day off.


A summery version of my favorite raw buckwheat porridge, topped with fresh fruits and coconut flakes. Accompanied by a fresh green juice.

A rawish lunch I prepared myself this week, after work was this plate of zucchini-spaghetti, smothered in homemade pesto, topped with sesame seeds and herbs and extra tomatoes. And some steamed broccoli. Again, with a green juice on the side. I just can’t get enough of them. Nothing more refreshing than a big glass of fresh (green) vegetable juice!


But back to my wednesday: apart from harvesting beans, different types of peas, lots of lettuce, greens, zucchini, radishes, carrots, beets, strawberries (unfortunately the harvest is very small this year, due to bad conditions in autumn), we also planted new little lettuces, sowed new greens and beans and took care of the weeds.




On wednesday night, two other volunteers at the farm cooked us dinner (especially vegan, because of me).


They made us oven-roasted veggies (potatoes, carrots and beets), lightly steamed beet greens and “peultjes” (young pea pods) and a fresh green salad with radishes.
For dessert we had some of the farm’s strawberries with some pears.


Have good start to the new week!





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