Vegan Wednesday #92


Hello friends,

It’s Vegan Wednesday again! This week Tara of the beautiful blog – sustainable collects our posts for the pinterest board. Thanks to the lady!

I usually spend my wednesday at my internship farm. But since it had been raining quite substantially the last days (including wednesday itself) my farmers decided that it wouldn’t be much use if I came to the farm that day. So I stayed at home and enjoyed a quiet rainy day (mostly indoors) with my man, who had just come back from a longer worktrip to Portugal.
So instead of getting up reeeeeeally early on wednesday morning in order to get on a train to Lelystad I could sleep in 🙂
We had a relaxed breakfast, catching up on all the things that happened in the last two weeks in each other’s lifes.


So after my usual cup of warm water with lemon juice, turmeric, ginger and pepper, I had a bowl of coconut yoghurt with some passion fruit and a little bit of orange on the side. I also devoured a large slice of sourdough rye bread with our mum’s homemade blueberry jam (on the left) and some avo-mash with salt and cayenne pepper (on the right).

This was followed by a soy cappuccino that I enjoyed while doing some long-due paperwork.


Before I headed out into the rain to the wednesday’s organic farmer’s market (Amsterdam, Harlemmerplein) I prepared us a light and sweet lunch.


The base of this granola bowl was a superfood-raw cacao-banana smoothie, topped with some extra banana slices, shredded coconut and crunchy chocolate granola (the granola was certainly not so healthy but so gooooood).

After my little wet bikeride we chilled on our couch and watched some game of thrones, while snacking on some juice pulp-cake…


…topped with a dollop of coconut yoghurt. (I’ll post the recipe soon!)

For dinner we kind of cleared out our fridge and threw together a big-ass salad, added some previously oven-roasted veggies to it and turned some leftover lentil-taco filling into burgers and served the whole shebang with some turkish flatbread.


I hope you guys had an equally relaxed and delicious wednesday!




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