Alles Gute für unsere Lütte – Part 2 of our vegan birthday present post


Happy Sunday and a happy birthday to you JamJam!

I am fashionably a bit late with my post, but since our little one was born on a Sunday I think that this post is not too displaced 😉

As Lilith already mentioned our little sister turned 22 yesterday and Lilith and me had a little birthday giftbox collaboration.


So this is what the box looked like that I sent to our little buddha. Since my package would be on the road for a longer time (I sent it from Amsterdam) the little treats I made for JamJam had to be bit more durable. I also remembered that she mentioned during our last get-together, that she often doesn’t have enough time to properly eat at work and that sometimes she has to stay at work (she works at a veterinarian) longer and then comes home with her stomach at the level of her knees (sorry, that’s a German expression that I translated, but I think you get what I mean). I’ve been wanting to make my own cereal bars for a while, but somehow always lacked some ingredients or shied away from the whole process because I thought it would be pretty messy, with all the sticky oats and stuff. Anyway, I found quite a simple wholesome recipe in a book that features several vegan snacks and treats for “on the road” and decided to finally give it a try and to put the end result into JamJam’s birthday package.


My plan was also to post the cereal bar recipe here, but to be honest they did not turn out exactly the way I wanted them to be. They do taste great though! They are chock-full of seeds and oats and nuts, not too sweet and really a perfect snack for these moments when you’re on the run and don’t have time to sit down for a real little meal. But I have to admit that when I packed the giftbox I was afraid they would not reach JamJam in their original shape since they are pretty delicate and crumbly. They would make a great crispy granola though… But before I post a cereal bar recipe here, I want to make sure that the bars can be just carried along in one’s purse without ending up as granola. So, sorry, no recipe today 😦

I’d still like to share two more things, that I put into JamJam’s giftbox, because I think they are pretty amazing vegan and eco-friendly products that I’d like you to know about 😉



I’ve been having this tin of solid perfume for more than a year now and whenever I used it in JamJam’s presence she told me how good it smelled. So I figured it was about time that she got a tin of it herself. I had originally bought mine at dophert, which by now is not only a vegan catering company run by two lovely ladies, here in Amsterdam, but also evolved into a little café-traîteur-shop-thingy, where they sell not only delicious vegan comfort food and almond lattes, but also vegan goodies from their former webshop, including this perfume. But I have also seen this brand’s perfumes at other shops which sell eco-friendly beauty products. What I like about the perfume is not only its wonderful smell, but also that it is easy to carry around in my purse, because it is solid and sits in a little tin. But above all I like that the ingredients come from cruelty-free environmentally responsible resources. *yay*

As the cereal bars I made are more on the healthy side, I also put a box of “lovechock rocks” into the box. Growing up and living together with JamJam used to involve the fact that I always had to hide my stash of chocolates and other sweets, because she would otherwise eat pretty much all of it, when I was not at home… Now I chuckle, while I’m typing this, but as a kid I was not so amused. 😀 anyway, what I want to say is that I cannot give a gift to my little sister that does not include a little treat, because she simply loves that kind of stuff. But as her older sister I did of course opt for something sweet that is still wholesome and almost healthy in a way 😉





I love the lovechock chocolates because they are all vegan, made from raw cacao and only sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, which is said to be easier for our bodies to deal with. And most importantly, I really love their dark chocolaty taste. I also like that their ingredients are all organic, eco-friendly produced and their packaging is made from sustainable resources and can be thrown on one’s compost (even the “plastic”!).


With this I would like to finish today’s post. I wish you a lovely sunday (hopefully with some vegan cake or another cruelty-free treat) and again happy birthday to you JamJam! big hug and kisses, j :-*


Please note: This post does purely reflect my personal views and opinions and has not been sponsored by any of the companies that I mentioned above.



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