product review – Vivani chocolate bars


As I promised, things continue in a chocolate kind of way over here…


Via an announcement by roots of compassion on facebook I learned about these brandnew vegan rice-milk chocolate bars by Vivani. Unfortunatley I had already ordered some vegan stuff at roc just before I left for my family weekend in Germany and at the time I placed my order they did not have these chocolate bars in stock yet. But before I got on my train back to Amsterdam I went to an organic shop in Bremen to stock up on a few thing I cannot get in NL – and found these bars! 🙂 I could hardly wait to get home and try them!

There are actually four flavours: White Nougat Crisp, Dark Nougat Croccante, Black Cherry and Almond Orange. Since they didn’t have the Black Cherry variety at that shop I only tried the other three. First of all I have to say that I usually only eat pure (really) dark chocolate or raw chocolate. Since I became vegan my tastebuds have changed quite a lot and I do not like the sweet milky flavor of (real) milk chocolate anymore and most rice milk-based chocolates I find too sweet. So I was a bit sceptical about these rice milk chocolate bars.


I just loooove nougat. But since it can be difficult to find vegan nougat chocolate I was even happier to find these bars. Both the dark nougat croccante and the white nougat crisp bar have a gorgeous “nougaty”, “hazelnutty” flavor.





I’m usually not that much into orange flavoured chocolate. but my man is. So I shared the almond-orange bar with him on a movie night.

My conclusion:

Since roots of compassion is selling these bars I trust the ecological and social promises of Vivani.

I actually liked all three flavours that I tried. As already mentioned I’m not a big fan of orange flavored chocolate, so the dark nougat croccante and the white nougat crisp were my favorites so far. But I liked the orange-one, too and my man was delighted about it aswell.

I very much liked that the chocolates really melts in your mouth. The perfect chocolate to devour by putting it piece by piece on one’s tongue and letting it dissolve there (almost) by itself.

They are sweeter than the regualar dark (and raw) chocolates that I usually eat, so I needed to be aware of the unusual sugar rush and restrict myself from eating all bars at once (luckily they aren’t too big with their 35grams). Still I didn’t find them too sweet. But they are definitely a treat that shouldn’t be eaten on a regular basis 😉

I am happy that there now some good and tasty vegan chocolate bars on the market 🙂

Have you tried any of these chocolate bars yet? What did you think? Share your opinion in the comments!

And what do you think of these kinds of product reviews anyway? bullshit or helpful?



P.S. Note: This post has in no way been financed or supported by Vivani or ROC. I bought these chocolate bars myself and all opinions expressed are my own.




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