Vegan Wednesday #82 chocolate and kale


Good afternoon people!

After taking a week off, I’m back with a vegan wednesday post. Due to school obligations, work and some traveling Lilith and I both had a pretty busy week, last week. Our Opa turned 86 (!) and we surprised him with a “Kaffee und Kuchen Besuch” (coffee and cake-visit). He’s currently living at Rostock, so last week on Friday I first took a train to Bremen, where our Mama and our other sister live. On Saturday our mum, our little sister and me went to Rostock by car and Lilith took a bus from Berlin to Rostock, where we all met at our Opa’s appartment. We all spent a lovely afternoon together, drinking coffee, eating cake and chatting until late in the evening. It was really really nice.

But back to the main topic: Vegan Wednesday.
This week Petzi of the blog “From Veggie to Vegan” collects our food porn for the pinterest board.

Lately I have a new breakfast ritual. I usually have a green smoothie (almost) every morning. But since I’m trying to get rid of my coffee-addiction, I tried to replace the coffee with another smoothie. A raw chocolate-banana-almond smoothie…



I was lucky to find some of the last tibs of cavolo nero at the market. They went into both smoothies.
The chocolate smoothie was inspired by this blogpost over at “Dishing up the Dirt”. And what can I say? It really works. Since I also prepare myself one of these chocolate smoothies to take along for breakfast I find it muuuuuch easier to abstain from coffee. (Yes you’ve seen that correctly, I transport my smoothies in former peanut butter jars). And it even helps me to get up in the mornings, because I’m so looking forward to having this smoothie that I almost fly to work 😉

Mid morning I also munched on a slice or two of bread. the one on the left has coconut oil, peanut butter, cinnamon and cacao nibs on it. The one on the right has coconut oil as a base layer as well and some of “Mamas Erdbeer-Rhabarber Marmelade” (some of my mum’s strawberry rhubarb jam).



When I got home after work I first prepared my favorite quick-snack, lately:



Luckily I still had some leftover soup from the other night. So lunch was fixed in a whim.


The recipe for this chickpea curry with collards and potatoes is from I had mine with some whole-grain rice. As I said, I had prepared the curry the night before and it came together really quickly. I still had some cooked chickpeas in the freezer, some leftover collards from my garden and potatoes from my boyfriend’s farm. the rest of the ingredients were kind of standard pantry stuff. So, if you need a quick curry recipe, try this one!

Somehow my raw chocolate morning shake wasn’t enough chocolate. So I prepared myself a quick and healthy chocolate mousse in the afternoon…


It was inspired by this instagram post by Elenore from Earthsprout.



This chocolate mousse was not only my late afternoon chocolate fix, but kind of my dinner as well. Luckily my lunch had provided me with enough fuel, so “skipping” dinner was not a problem. Since I went to a yoga class that night, not being totally stuffed worked very well for me.

And if you’re a bit like me and riding the chocolate wave lately, I have a little chocolately review for you in the next post.

Enjoy your weekend!

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