Vegan Wednesday #80 working hard or hardly working…

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Hello there and a wonderful friday noon to y’all!

A little pre-spring melancholy caught me these days and so I decided to insert (again) a complete relaxing day with the only goal to rest my body and mind (and to tell you about my Vegan Wednesday)!
So I’m sitting here, skipping through old records and CDs – mostly old compilations by a good friend from Bremen who gave them to me nearly six years ago…
As I feel especially moody today – I’m trying to find one wonderful song on these compilations. I haven’t heard this single song since the time my friend gave these CDs to me, as he forgot to add any playlists. And so I managed to fail several times to find that song, that is only stuck by it’s melody in my head. So I now began all over to hear completly through 9 compilations each filled with 20 to 25 songs on them – but it is kind of a melancholic fun, as there are so many beautiful songs which I nearly had forgotten, and so I feel really beamed into pre-spring in 2008 – one of my last years lived in Bremen…and it were magical last years there.
This memories are a huge powersource for me, even if they support my melancholy for a moment…maybe this seems kinda weird to you, so I’ll just begin with my food post  😉



As I felt pretty tired when I woke up on wednesday morning, I boosted the sleepyness out of my head and body with a fresh hot lemon-, ginger- and turmeric-tea. I really love to start my days with this immune system supporting, clarifying drink, that also manages to have a pretty good wake-up-effect! Adopting the habit from Judith while she was visiting me, I wouldn’t drop it when she left again…so this is right now my beverage before my beloved morning cappuccino.
This morning cappuccino I brew from fresh African Sidamo coffeebeans which I grind myself – kinda my daily dozen ;-)…and while the coffeemaker is running I gently heat some soymilk (or sometimes almondmilk, when the cash cow just visited) to create a smooth huge mountain of milk froth with which I top the coffee…this is my everymorning-meditational ceremony I dedicate to the coffee-godness, as I try to limit my consume of this luxury product to one cup a day…

This milk froth is alway topped with a few dashes of whole cane sugar and lots of cinnamon and cardamom.
To tank up some additional energy for the day I’d be spending wheelchair pushing and entertaining the lovely girl I work with, I paired my coffee with these energy shots I prepaired a day earlier.
They are astonishingly easy to make from a raw-“dough” of dried dates, cocoa nibs, nuts, some spices and just a little cold processed coconut oil – and I have to say (after having them tasted by some friends and myself) they are the most delish (and healthy) snack I managed to create in like e v e r !

For the exact recipe I will soon make a photo-documented post…

Before I left home for work I prepared also a fresh snack for later – as I need light fresh food running around so much at work, it were some fruit and nuts (always a winning couple) – apple-slices and mandarines with some cashewnuts and hazelnuts…yummmmmy! (I dip the appleslices in lemonjuice – that way they keep fresh for hours!)


Returning home pretty hungry but too exhausted to cook a large meal, I piled all vegetables my fridge yielded on a plate, to be either eaten immeditaly or to be stapled on sourdough rolls and a bagel with soy-yoghurt, wheaty (which looks like salami, but has actually a really nice smoky flavour) and some tomato paste and mustard. I love combining complementary flavours like salty and savoury with sweet and sour – so I often pair fruit like mandarines with avocadomash and some saladleaves on bakery goods…for me this combo satisfies any craving I might have at a moment!




While I enjoyed these goodies I had another few episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” a comedy series that completely hits my (maybe a bit strange) humor – I also use it pretty progressively to shut off my mind at night after work 😉
But no worries – for sleeping I switched like always to the “The Three Investigators” – a German audio drama series (“Drei???” in German), which is a little more brain-teasing 🙂
And so a day with lots of hard work in between, slowly faded out to the voices of Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews…

And this all in all was my Vegan Wednesday, but at last but not least I wanted to share two other culinarian-peak-treats I had this week:

DSCN0503…another variation of my selfmade bhatura bread with a huge mixed-vegetables-and-fruit-salad with tahin-miso-seasoning and and my peanutsauce (see here for more detailed desciption and recipe directions)…
…and below on the photo: a nice grated celery-apple and beetroot salad, topped with baby-leaf green kale I massaged with salt and lemonjuice (this baby-kale grew from a big green kale, that I had placed in a jar filled with water on my windowsill – for I had no cravings for it for some time, but also didn’t want the kale to die in my fridge: the bigger leaves did, but in the heart of the kale grew a new “flower” of small baby-kale leaves) – I also seasoned the whole salad with native olive oil and some pepper and sprinkled it with ground cashewnuts (I also use this as vegan ground parmesan cheese on my pasta) and some more whole cashewnuts…


Right now it’s nearly time to lay off work for most people – and I enjoyed relaxing half my afternoon while writing this post and listening to that old music I talked about at the beginning…I haven’t found the missing song yet but I’m really not melancholic anymore – I just feel happy and rested 🙂

Have a great rest of the day and following weekend y’all!
Yours, Lilith


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