Vegan Wednesday #80 – spring is coming but winter is staying


Good afternoon!

This week our beloved vegan wednesday turns 80! Cheers to that and to hopefully at least 80 more to come! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Missy Cookie of Cookies&Style is again collecting our pictures for the pinterest board this week. Thank you Lady!

Lilith and me just kind of met each other here on the blog, because she was just finishing her post and I started writing mine ๐Ÿ˜€ And I have to say, that there are some resemblances in what we ate on wednesday this week…

Like Lilith I started my Wednesday with a huge cup of warm water with lemon, ginger and curcuma. When I arrived at work, I downed a big-ass green smoothie (with kale from my internship-farm). The smoothie was pretty soon followed by a cup of coffee (organic, single estate Mexico).

During my break, I had my “real” breakfast.


Some soy yoghurt topped with Elenore’s apple pie granola, to which I added some extra buckwheat pops.

I’ve gotten into the habit of preparing myself a fresh juice when I get home from work. On wednesday I made one of my alltime favorites:



It had carrots, ginger, curcuma, 1/4 lemon, apple, grapefruit and orange in it.


Even though spring is definitely approaching this week’s food has been pretty much winter-themed. For lunch I prepared myself a big salad of grated celeriac, carrot and apple, served on a bed of winterpostelein (winter purslane) and topped with walnuts. The carrots, apple and purslane all came from my man’s internship-farm. The walnuts were a christmas present from our mum, who had collected them herself.



Even though my energy levels were pretty low I dragged myself into the kitchen, after a short nap on the couch to cook a big pot of soup, before I went to my usual wednesday yoga class. The recipe inspiration came from this book…


… that I just bought, because it happens regularly that I stand in front of our fridge on sunday night, trying to think of what to take along for breakfast/lunch/ as a snack the coming day(s). ’cause, you know, it’s always better to be prepared as a vegan in this mostly non-vegan world…

The yoga class was really amazing by the way. I have recently started running again and we worked exactly on those parts of the body that had “suffered” a bit from this unusal exercise (lower back, hamstrings, pretty much all parts of the legs) ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I got home after class I was dead-tired (does this expression exist in English?) and just fell into bed. But the next morning my body felt almost reborn and I was full of energy. Yoga heals. ๐Ÿ™‚

But back to the soup. We still have a whole lot of potatoes and other root veggies stored on our balcony (also stuff that my man brought home from his farm work), so the “white winter soup” recipe from the book inspired me to cook a creamy soup from potatoes, leek and parsley root.


Thanks to the parsley roots, this soup has a bit of a “herby” touch but is mildly sweet at the same time. Definitely a recipe that I’ll use again!

Have a great weekend!




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