Feburary Favourites – a Sunday-Quick-Post

Hi there and a nice sunday to all of you!

I started a new job right on time to not-rest in my lately started semester-vacation…so on the one hand I have to get up to the new demands and on the other hand I should write the required papers for the university. The result is me putting most efforts in learning the ropes of that new job – and RESTING from it on the other days…

Not very productive you might think, but over the past years I’ve learned at least a few lessons about me, my body and my mind…one of these things is: for me it is wrong to think of them as divided parts, each working for/on its own – I’ll get sick or depressed when I igrnore their connection (maybe even congruency)…
So hopefully there will be enough time at the end of my vacation to write that papers 😉 or I’ll have to make it enough time…
This progressive relaxing in my freetime made it also finally possible to do some things, that where for a long time on my to-do-list, like trying to make my own sourdough bread – which happened to taste amazing!
Luckily Judith visited me here in Berlin two weeks ago, which led to the first try of baking the sourdough-bread. Judith also brought a really huge jar of amazingly tasty peanutbutter (which happens to be nearly empty by now – only 2 weeks later 😉 ), that I eventually combined with another delicous (x-mas-)gift by her – the result: a heavenly slice of sourdough-bread with the finest pear-quince-vanilla-jam on crunchy peanutbutter…in Feburary certainly my most favourite snack during learning or on the couch…



But I also enjoy very much having super-selfmade-“junk”-food on these super-lazy-days, I insert among the super-stressful-days…
Like burgers, burgers, burgers with oven fries…I love trying new recipe ideas with a burger”dough” from oats, beans and lentils, but my all time favourite is still the veganized version of the Beetroot Burgers (by the lovely Louise&David of GreenKitchenStories)…for my vegan version I replace the egg in the original recipe with a few dashes of chia-seeds and water – I never measured the amount of both, but I think it would be like 2-3 tablespoons of chia-seeds on 10-12 tablespoons of water (maybe more if the mixture falls apart)…another nice twist I sometimes make with the recipe is that I use instead of one beetroot, half a zuccini and a big carrot…and then a pinch of cinnamon and cumin…hmmmm.
I also imagine replacing one beetroot with a small apple and a carrot would be a nice try…maybe next time :-)To limit the fat in these burgers (not that they have so much in them, but I most times pair them with really fatty oven-fries and selfmade mayonnaise) I just sprinkle them with olive-oil and bake them at 200°Celsius 20-30 minutes in the oven (flipping them at half-time)…
The vegan mayonnaise is super easy making by yourself and tastes exorbitantly good – especially compared to that (often moldy smelling and tasting) storebought one…look here for the recipe with video-description by Laubfresser.de (unfortunately its just in german – let me know in the commentbox below, if you’d like a translation).



As you can see next to the ovenfries I enjoy also a more “dutch”-habbit of having them with applesauce besides the selfmade mayonnaise and ketchup…and since I had this really huge jar of peanutbutter from Judith, I decided the other time I had burgers, to mix up another “dutch”-fries-speciality: the peanut-sauce
My version of it is inspired by a salad-seasoning of Judith (1-1,5 tablespoons of miso-paste, mixed with a few dashes of water and circa 1 tablespoon tahini – very delightful over green salads with carrots, tomatos and oranges or apples or other slightly sour fruit): for the peanut-sauce I took also 1 tablespoon miso-paste, mixed it with the juice of a small blood-orange and 1-2 tablespoons of the peanutbutter…I also stirred in some more water, a big pinch of cayenne-pepper and 2 teaspoons agave-syrup – it was an epiphany for me 😉 as its ever since every second day on my menu…







But enough of burgers – inbetween the days I sure need always some change and feburary brought me another culinary favourite in experimenting with that peanut-sauce…
I figured it would be nice to have some of it (or an equal version with tahini instead of peanutbutter) with beluga-lentils mixed with it – and so I jumped to the idea of making indian bhatura-bread by myself (which isn’t originally vegan in India) and pairing it with some of the beluga-lentils soaked in that sauce. The cherry on top of it were marinated (curcuma, garam marsalla, cinnamon, cumin, salt&pepper in native olive-oil) aubergines, that I oven-roasted. A nice salad is always a big part of my meals, so in this case I wanted to add some more nutty flavours. The result was an avocado-, mandarine-, cashew- and walnut-salad with some more greens (I forgot which ones 😉 )…and all in all this alwas makes a pretty quick and also pretty fancy-like-restaurant-meal…definately a new favourite!



The recipe is super easy…

Indian Bhatura-Bread


200g wholegrain wheat flour (or wholegrain spelt flour – you can also mix it!)
1Tbsp soy yoghurt
1Tbsp olive oil
1Tsp cumin
1Tsp salt
7g dry yeast
a dash of sugar
80ml handwarm water

5-10 Tbsp cocnut-oil

1. Mix dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2. Add olive oil and soy yoghurt
3. Add warm water, bit by bit until the dough holds together. Use first a fork to beat the ingredients together – the dough, moving on to develop, your flour-dusted hands.
4. Form a ball and let the dough rest for 20 minutes in a warm place.
5. Form small
discs by pressing a small amount of dough between your flour-dusted hands.
6. Let them rest on parchment paper, as long as you heat 3 big tablespoons coconut-oil in a small pot.
7. When the oil is hot enough (test it by holding in your wooden burger-flipper into the oil – if its loudly sizzling it has the right temperature) fry the discs one by one in the pot. Use a spoon to pour hot oil over it – flip it over when big bubbles develop on the upside and continue
to spoon some oil over it (you won’t need much oil to fry this way). Remove it from the pan and place it on a kitchen towel that soaks the oil. Continue with the other disks the same way, adding sometimes a little oil inbetween frying.

This recipe will make circa 6 bhaturas.
I hope you enjoy it!

And thats it with my faburary favourites…I hope you had fun reading and are inspired by some of the ideas 🙂
Have a nice rest of the sunday, y’all!



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