Kaffee und Kuchen – Coffee and Cake


Good afternoon!

Even if you’re not German you probably heard of our love for “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee and cake)? We Germans do not only fancy a coffee in the morning but we also like to have a coffee break in the afternoon. The afternoon-coffee is often accompanied by a baked good such as a piece of cake or Torte. Family gatherings, such as birthdays, are often organised around the afternoon coffee and cake-thing on a Sunday afternoon. But we also meet friends over coffee and cake during the week. We can have cake pretty much everyday 😉
Lilith and I come from a coffee-loving family. When we get to spend some time together we drink a lot of coffee. Maybe that is, because we come from Bremen, which is an old trading-city and several coffee roasters are situated there. So drinking coffee has a long tradition in our family.
Thinking of our childhood, whenever our parents met up with friends or family in the afternoon somebody always baked some cake and while we kids were playing around their feet, they would have coffee and cake.

Even nowadays, when we meet online for a skype-date in the morning or afternoon, there sure will be a cup of coffee or cappuccino next to each computer.

Even though I love coffee and always kind of celebrate having a cup of it, I’ve been trying to cut down on my coffee consumption lately. It’s not, that I’m drinking that much of coffee on a regular basis. I usually have just one cup per day. It’s only with those family-get-togethers that I drink more. But I noticed that my body is quite addicted to this one cup a day. I also have the suspicion that my coffee-consumption affects the quality of my nighttime’s sleep. First of all, I’m pretty “allergic” to addictions. I like to be in control and don’t want to be driven by anything beyond my conscience. Secondly, I do no longer want to have a hard time getting up in the mornings and I don’t want to have this feeling of never being fully rested. So I decided for myself that I would only have coffee once per week (preferably on a lazy sunday morning with enough time to thoroughly celebrate and enjoy it) or (second exception) when I feel like I really, really need a cup (hence on one of these days that simply “suck”). I’ve always been taking care to only drink good coffee (meaning: organic and fairtrade quality), but every now and then I would be offered a cup of coffee of lesser quality somewhere. So I also decided to always (politely) neglect such offers, to spare my body any bad coffee experiences.

So far about the good intentions… I think I managed to hold onto them for the first three weeks of 2014. But then the weather was bad and I was often craving the cozyness of having a cup of coffee. Also, I often work pretty early in the morning and I am not a morning person. I am an owl. I thrive at nighttime. There were several mornings on which I really needed the little kick-in-the-butt that coffee gives me. I simply work at a higher speed when my blood pressure is being raised by coffee (and/or sugar). Coffee is my doping 😉
But, I will try again to shake off this addiction. And I have good hope that, with spring approaching, it won’t be that much of a problem. Until then, I’d like to share one of my favorite brewing methods lately. I discovered this video already a year or two ago, but since I usually prepare my coffee with an old-fashioned espresso-cooker (on the stove over a gas flame) I only tried this french press-method only recently, when we had more coffee-drinkes over for brunch (yeah, this is kind of the sequal to “Das Wort zum Sonntag – a word on Sunday…”). And since then, I’ve been preparing coffee in my french press more often (and been drinking way too much coffee 😀 ). I somehow like to be watching my coffee brewing in this glass can.

Now onto the “Kuchen“. Actually this is not really Kuchen, but it goes very well with the morning or afternoon-coffee (or both): dark chocolate espresso scones (from the beautiful blog The First Mess). I actually had a serious scones-craving for weeks ^^ And since there is no place where I can buy vegan scones around here, I knew I would have to bake some myself. But somehow I thought that baking scones would be a bit complicated and therefore I always shied away from it. Until I had some free time on my hands and I felt ready to throw myself into this “adventure” on Sunday. And what can I say… It’s pretty simple. No need to fear the vegan scones-making. At least not with the recipe above. I think I’ll have a lot more scones in the future. By the way, these scone are certainly great with the suggested coconut cream and jam, but if you don’t have any coconutmilk on hand, simple coconut oil is pretty good aswell.


Have a beautiful week and if you want something, just go for it!


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