Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin – a pre-christmas visit to Berlin

ja, ja, ein alter Hut, ich weiß 😉

Hello there,

Somehow I was pretty lazy last week, in terms of taking pictures. But in my defense I have to say that my days were pretty much filled out with work, taking care of my sick boyfriend, the attempt to not let chaos take over the last corners of our appartement and my head was full of christmas stuff (what to cook, which cookies to bake, gift-crafting, …). I guess almost everyone has this little “time-problem” at the moment. Now that the end of the year is coming close we try to get things done.
Since christmas time is the darkest time of the year it feels nice to spend time with friends and family, catching up on each others lives over a cup of coffee and just ‘be’ with each other. So on December 6th (Sinterklaas or Nikolaus Tag) right after work I got on a train to Berlin to spend the weekend with Lilith and to meet one of my best friends.

As already mentioned I didn’t take that many pictures, but I’d still like to share a few highlights and places with you guys 🙂

Since I studied Political Science and History for my bachelor some political culture is kinda obligatory for me when I visit Berlin. So a friend of mine and me went to see the former secret police’s jail in Hohenschönhausen (Ehemaliges Staatssicherheitsgefängnis Höhenschönhausen) We took a guided tour and our tourguide, who even was a contemporary witness, gave us some pretty realistic insights into political prosecution under the DDR-regime (DDR=German Democratic Republik).
This stop on our cultural agenda certainly wasn’t the most joyful, but I find it important to remind ourselves that our current rule of law is nothing we should take for granted. I also think that we shouldn’t forget the atrocities of our former political regime in order to not let such an injustice happen again in the future.

Anyway, after the memorial’s visit we stopped at a beautiful café close to Sonnenallee station, to warm ourselves over a cup of coffee. If I remember correctly the café’s name is “Schwesternhaft” and they serve the most beautiful cappuccino with soymilkfoam 😉


I only took a short glimpse at their menu, since I was only interested in a cup of coffee at that moment, but I remember that they also offer fresh juices and all cow milk used comes from the “Gläserne Molkerei“, so at least it’s organic. Good to know if your visiting the café with an omni-friend 😉 By the way, the waiters were very friendly 🙂

After our coffee we went to fill our bellies with some vegan italian food at Sfizy vegan.

Unfortunately the waitress was less attentive than the one at “Schwesternhaft” and when our food arrived we were really hungry, that’s why I totally forgot to take a picture of the gorgeous pizza calzone genovese that I had. It was filled with tomato sauce, pesto, potatoes, pine nuts and vegan cheese and it tasted absolutely delicious. Lilith had a delicious insalata con mele e noci, which was composed of salad greens, arugula, apple slices, nuts and thin slices of vegan parmiggiano. She also had a fresh focaccia with grilled veggies. My friend had some simple (but delicious!) spaghetti con aglio e olio. Unfortunately his serving was a bit small-sized 😦
We also ordered desserts and since my hunger wasn’t that big anymore I remembered that I had my camera in my bag 😉


I had a serving of vegan tiramisu 🙂 *roar*


Lilith had a slice of the most perfect vegan chocolate pie I ever tried…


and my friend had a slice of lemon chocolate pie. A pretty interesting combination I thought, but it tasted pretty good aswell.


On Monday night I crossed off the next point from my “cultural agenda” and went to Die Lesedüne at SO36 in Kreuzberg, which I enjoyed a lot. I had no idea how much I’d missed German literature…

Before we went to the “Düne” we unfortunately made a major mistake while ordering some food at a Vietnamese Restaurant. We forgot to ask them to leave out fish sauce from our servings. (Unfortunately they also managed to bring us a salad with meat in it, even though we ordered the vegetarian one *duh*). Somehow we must have gotten too comfortable with all the vegan food available, that we did not even think of the possibility that there might be some non-vegan ingredients in the food. Well, we learned that lesson…

Last but not least, I cannot go to Berlin without paying a visit to Veganz, the all-vegan supermarket *yay*. I was happy to find some of my beloved German christmas cookies (Ich sag nur Elisenlebkuchen, Schoko-Mandel Taler, usw.). I also got some coconut yoghurt (this stuff is sooo good), that we enjoyed along with our fruit salad that night, some candy bars that taste like snickers (I used to love snickers in my pre-vegan and pre-conscious-shopping life) and I also got some vegan-cream cheese that I’ll soon turn into a creamcheese frosting for cupcakes. One of the highlights of visiting Veganz is the “Goodies” which is integrated into the market. Goodies offers coffee creations, bread, sandwiches, smoothies, salads pies and other baked goods. Everything is vegan (at least at the Goodies within the Veganz) and one is spoilt for choice 😉

Also good to know, there is an Avesu store next to the Veganz, which is specialized in vegan shoes. I tried on some vegan vintage boots that I’ll give myself for christmas this year 🙂

Have a good start into the new week!




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