Vegan Wedndesday #59

Vegan Wednesday.picx

Hi there!

After yet another break last week, I made sure to take a picture of every meal I had yesterday for this vegan wednesday post. Have a look:


Since I was at my internship-farm I started the day with a good farmer’s breakfast 😉 I had rolled oats and buckwheat groats with flax seeds, chia seeds, about a teaspoon of maca powder, some cinnamon and pure vanilla, all of which I had soaked in oat milk over night. In the morning I added some nuts and seeds (brazil nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, walnuts and hazelnuts), which I had soaked in water over night, aswell. I topped everything with fresh pear, apple, grapes and physalis (ground cherries).

After harvesting all kinds of leafy greens (such as mizuna, komatsuna, lacinto kale, …) in the bright but still cold morning sun, we warmed ourselves up with some coffee and vegan pumpkin pie



Of course I had my coffee out of my favorite mug… 😉

After the coffee break we continued harvesting produce for the shop, which would be open in the afternoon. The produce which is not good enough or which has the wrong size/shape/weight for the whole-saler’s requirements we put aside in order to enjoy it ourselves. So for lunch we had…


…loads of lettuce to top our sandwiches with, carrots (which I quickly turned in to a salad), red currants, more physalis, melon from the farm, homemade basil-pesto and some store-bought pineapple.


There have been wwoofers on the farm the whole summer. Currently there is a girl from Canada helping us with the work. On Tuesday night we had a little baking party until quite late (considering that we have to get up at half past six in the morning). The outcome of which was that she introduced me to some (French-)Canadian music and I played some German music to her (Fettes Brot, Käptn Peng und die Tentakel von Delphi, Wir sind Helden), the vegan pumpkin pie (my attempt to create a typical Canadian pumpkin pie) and vegan oatmeal-pumpkin cookies with raisins and walnuts that she baked for us to enjoy in our afternoon-tea break:


Besides having a warming cup of tea, I had my cookie with a glass of almond-rice milk. yummmm 🙂

Since it was my turn to cook on Wednesday night I stopped a bit earlier with work in order to bake yet another pie, but a savory one this time. I opted for a tofu filling with pesto, chile pepper and pumpkin in it and topped the pie with thinly shaved zucchini, fresh tomatoes, snijbonen (no I idea what they are called in English. In German they are called “Schnippelbohnen”, if I’m not mistaken), nasturtium leaves and flowers. I served the pie alongside some cooked “Einkorn” (NL:Eenkorn) and a salad of grated beetroot, carrots and apple, with some more leftover lettuce and walnuts. Except for the grains, the flour, the oil and the tofu, all of the ingredients came from the farm itself 🙂



Have a lovely rest fo the week!


2 thoughts on “Vegan Wedndesday #59

  1. Hi Judith,

    der Kürbiskuchen sieht ja wirklich wahnsinnig gut aus! Vielen Dank für die Inspiration – den wird es diesen Herbst definitiv auch mal geben!

    Alles Liebe
    Frau Schulz

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