Vegan MOFO#10 – Betteraves Bourguignon



Vegan MOFO is almost over, already! Somehow September has flown by and I haven’t gotten to cook and blog about all the recipes I’d planned to share with you guys, cause I’ve been pretty busy this month. Moreover, I haven’t been cooking/eating at home that much either. So I think, I’ll simply continue this vegan-French-recipe series in the future, but I’ll also be blogging about other things aswell.

Tonight I’m also not posting a recipe, but here is a link to it. The recipe is from one of my favorite blogs/cookbooks: GreenKitchenStories/ The Green Kitchen.Even though their blog and cookbook are not vegan, but vegetarian, I often use their recipes as an inspiration for my cooking. And lots of their recipes are vegan or they offer a veganized version of them. Anyway, the beet bourguignon happened to be vegan and I thought it would be a nice finale for vegan mofo 2013.

This dish was sooo good! And I found it perfectly fitting also because all the produce is freshly available these days (at least here in Northern Europe) and it makes a lovely warming, hearty dinner (or lunch) in these chilly fall days. The recipe also yields a big pot of stew, so either invite some friends and family over for dinner or enjoy it several times throughout the week. This stew is perfect for being eaten several days in a row/reheated, since the flavors develop over time.


We served the stew with mashed potatoes (which pair very well with the red wine sauce) and some baguette. But I suppose that some whoel spelt or any other grain would be great with it, too.

here are some more pictures of the cooking process and the end product 😉



À la prochaine!


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