Vegan Wednesday #57

Vegan Wednesday.picx

Good evening people,

I hope you’re having it warm and cozy aswell! I’m sitting here wrapped in a warm blanket, having thick fuzzy socks on my feet and would be drinking a cup of tea, if I wouldn’t be too lazy to go into the kitchen. It’s cold! And we only have half September! Somehow we are not blessed with a long summer this year.

But as Lilith already mentioned, fall has its own charme, too. I’m also happy, curling up on my sofa with a cup of tea and a book (or my computer 😉 ). I enjoy the fresh cool air and the changing of colour of the trees. And I’m looking forward to cooking with pumpkins, apples, root veggies and the like. I’m enjoying to preserve the last treasures of summer for the darker and colder times. And I very much enjoyed the “fall-scenery” this morning…


The last three days I’ve again been at this biodynamic farm, where I’m currently doing an internship. Since it is Vegan Wednesday I’m “supposed” to post pictures of what I ate/drank today, but somehow I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast. Maybe, because I was pretty hungry, since we’d gotten up early to cut lettuce before breakfast. So I hope you accept this picture as a compensation. By the way, I had overnight oats with raisins, nuts and homemade sesame milk, topped with fresh plums and some of the last red currants from the farm.

After breakfast we went back on the field to cut some more lettuce and spinach, until we gathered again to have coffee and homemade plum cake. By then, the sun had come up…



oh yeah, and the coffee and cake:


The cake was made with a variety of plums, which all grow on the farm, reine de victoria, bleu de belgique and jubilée. They also grow a fourth variety, called Anna Spät.

I think after the coffee break I went to cut different varieties of leafy greens, such as mizuna, arugula, two types of mustard, but also napa cabbage. And after the assembling always comes the washing. And then it suddenly was already time for lunch.

Since we had leftovers of three types of salads and I had also picked some edible weeds and flowers, I threw together a huge leftover salad, which we enjoyed along with some bread and fruits.


On the right you can see what my plate looked like. I had some rye sourdough bread with both homemade pesto and hummus, a quinoa-spinach-tofu burger (leftover from last night’s dinner, that I cooked), the already mentioned salad and strawberries.

On Wednesdays (and Saturdays) the farm opens its own shop and people can come and buy their produce (which is all biodynamic and of excellent quality) for a much cheaper price than what the same products would cost in a regular organic food store. But since a bigger order on carrots had also come in, I spent most of the rest of the afternoon again kneeling in the mud, assembling bunches of carrots.
Tonight Piet, the farmer, cooked dinner for us (us being the farmer’s wife, who took care of the shop today; Karien a Canadian Woofer and me).


Piet made us steamed corn, pan-fried tempeh, string beans, a mix of last night’s leftovers mixed with some of their aubergines and a lovely salad of cooked, sliced chioggia beets, finely shredded iceberg lettuce, apple and roasted nuts. It was especially delicious in combination with the tempeh.

All veggies came from the farm, only nuts, seeds and soyproducts were store-bought. Pretty cool, huh?



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