Vegan Wednesday #55

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Hello there,

This is going to be a bit of a longer post today, so this was my Vegan Wednesday…

(For those of you, who do not know what the Vegan Wednesday is: Some lovely vegan bloggers, namely Regina from muc.veg, Julia from Mixxed Greens, Cara from think. care. act. and Carola von twoodledrum call every week for a vegan Wednesday.The idea is to eat vegan and post pictures of your vegan food every Wednesday. They create a pinterest board of the pictures, in order to show the variety that vegan food offers.)

On Wednesday me and my boyfriend were on our way back home, after having spent one and half weeks in southern France. More precisely, we’d been to Seignosse, which is close to Hossegor. It’s the most southern region on the French Atlantic coast and the department is called Aquitaine. The region is besides its vast monocultures of pine trees, also known for its beautiful beaches. The Atlantic Ocean reliably sends its waves to these French beaches, where they break on sandbanks, most of the time creating perfect conditions to surf them, especially for beginners (as we are).

This was already our third trip in three years to the region. Besides the fact that we had always wanted to learn how to surf, we had gotten to this region in the first place, because I had read about the Natural Surf Lodge in an internet forum about sustainable/strategic consumption (for the Germans: The Natural Surf Lodge is a surf camp and a surf school, situated close to Hossegor. Their mission is to teach people how to surf, but with respect to the ocean and the environment in general. If this caught your interest, check out their website.

Anyway, we’d left Seignosse on Tuesday around noon. We’d been surfing in the morning and after a last warm shower at the camp ground and a stop at the local organic food store we were headed home in our 1987 Volkswagen camper van. The night from Tuesday to Wednesday we spent at a camp ground, somewhere south of Orléans (I’m sorry I somehow lost track of where we were at that point). After a chilly night we started our day with hot tea, some juice (orange. Made of French oranges from Mediterranean, as it said on the carton), muesli with fresh fruit and soya yoghurt. Followed by a piece of fresh baguette with coconut oil (which we use in place of butter) and homemade jam.

vw#55_breakfast bulli_inthe_morninglight


Since we had stopped at the organic store before we hit the road, I had stocked up on fruits and nuts. So this is what we snacked on during our ride:


French grapes and mirabelles, trail mix, more fruits and kombucha (which was amazingly refreshing, since the temperatures were pretty high during the day).

Around noon we stopped by a mansion (our castle) to enjoy our lunch out in the sun and with a nice view.


But some inhabitants of the mansion’s lawn absolutely wanted to have our lunch, too. (I also suspect they knew that we were not going to pay any entrence fee to see the castle…) They did not seem prepared to leave any time soon, so we had to climb back into our car in order to enjoy a peaceful lunch. At least we still had a nice view. It’s not like we would not have wanted to share our food, but since we know that feeding bread and the like to “wild” animals is simply not good for them, we had to restrain ourselves and try to not look into their sweet begging eyes.

vw#55_lunch_watchdogs vw#55_lunch_visitors

vw#55_lunch vw#55_lunch_daisy

For lunch we had, of course, baguette, which I enjoyed with avocado mash, some slices of tomato and balsamico crème. (The tomato was btw from my own veggie patch and picked just before we left for France). I also had some fruits and veggies, namely cucumber, carrot, a fig and some plums (Reine Claude).

After our lunch we hit the road again and I spent most of the rest of the day reading “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman, while my man was driving and driving and driving. The navigation system sent us along beautiful French country roads, along harvested fields and corn fields and fields full of drying sunflowers and meadows and through the smallest villages.


Until we reached Belgium way past dinner time. But since it was again such a warm day, we hadn’t been longing for dinner any time earlier anyway. On Monday we had cooked a huge portion of Ratatouille, which we had kept in our tiny fridge and happily reheated on a parking place.


We enjoyed it over spelt pasta that night. On Monday we had it with some round whole-grain rice, as you can see in the picture. I would have taken a picture of the food on Wednesday night, but it was sunset while the food was cooking and too dark by the time we got to eat our dinner.
After dinner we continued our ride and tired but happy reached our home later that night.

Phew! This has already gotten pretty long, so for today I’ll only share this far with you guys, but the ratatouille recipe will follow tomorrow. I think that’s fair enough, since Lilith already shared her baguette-recipe today. So you can already prepare your baguette and I’ll serve you some Ratatouille, which pairs perfectly with baguette, too, tomorrow. Deal?

To make up for the missing recipe, here some pictures I took on our last night in Seignosse.

vw#55_sunset beach_sunset


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      I’m happy you liked it 🙂 Funny that there haven’t been any other vacation-vegan wednesday-posts so far…
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